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5 things to know before you start Everest Base Camp Trek

5 things to know before you start your Everest Base Camp Trek If you are aiming to tackle the Everest Base Camp trek, it would be challenging. To be certain, hiking 125km and ascending 2500m is no walk in the park. First of all if you are planning to trek in Everest region then you have to quickly learn on how to deal about high altitude, cold temperature, and Nepalese infrastructure. Here are the 5 best tips for the most comfortable and enjoyable Everest Base Camp trek possible.


First all trekking equipments  like trekking poles, hats, gloves, socks, down jackets, sleeping bags, map etc are found in Kathmandu. You don’t need to bring from there. There is good quality North Face, Mountain Hardwear and Marmot clothing showroom in Thamel, Kathmandu. There is even a Mountain Hardware and North Face authentic store that offers great deals. Everything you could possibly want in trek to Everest Base Camp is available in Nepal.

 2) Take your time.

It is not a Competition and no one is going to judge how quickly you get up the mountain. So acclimatize properly, drink plenty of water and walk safely. If you need to take any extra rest day then don’t hesitate to tell your guide and porter.  Your guide and porter will never mind if you want hire them for any other additional days. They will be glad for the work. This Trek is flexible because nobody is going to ask you how long it takes to reach in Everest Base Camp; they are just going to be surprise that you did it. Remember you are in holidays, enjoy it. But also give yourself a few days after the trek before you have to fly home. Flights may delay for 2- 3 days near the end of our trek in Lukla due to bad weather.

3) Bring cash USD and Rupees

There are no ATMs in Lukla or Namche Bazaar so you have to bring cash from Kathmandu by exchanging or you can bring USD also. Exchange rates in Everest region are also very terrible so bring rupees with you at least about $200 worth. Price increases with altitude, trekking for up to 6 hours per day can take it out of you especially when increasing altitude. Fluids and snacks are the thing that gets you through in everest region, but they do have a habit of increasing in price with the altitude.

4) Take care of Yourselves

At higher levels of altitude, your body will dehydrate much quicker than it will at sea level, and you will have to make sure you are drinking plenty of water to compensate. Due to dehydration you may cause headache. Mainly you should focus on eating healthy food. Higher you go up in altitude, the levels of uv protection you get. During your trial the sun can be more brutal than always, giving you solar radiation from its powerful rays which may cause skin disease. Always take first aid box where ever you go.

 5) Help to save the environment

Mount Everest has inspired and attracted many people from all over the world ever since 1920s.The enormous increase in visitors to the Everest region has resulted in severe and negative effects on its sensitive environment. There is currently no functioning waste management system in place and little local knowledge or experience of handling such large amounts of rubbish in an environmentally sustainable way. So the wastage you generate should be dispose properly.

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