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Off the Beaten Trial Trekking takes you to the less popular trials of Nepal. Nepal is a country blessed with alpine natural beauty. Being a home to the Himalayas, Nepal offers numbers of trekking trails. Moreover, trekking in Nepal is also a chance to explore its diverse culture, traditions and glorious history.Off the beaten trial trekking is a great way to explore the hidden beauty of Nepal.

There are numbers of trekking trials in Nepal which are popular among the tourists. Off the beaten trial takes you to less popular trials which are less visited by the people. These trials provide great experience of both natural and cultural aspect of Nepal. The trial goes off the frequently walked paths. Moreover, it takes you to the places where you can explore the rich and unspoiled cultures, traditions and lifestyles. Off the beaten trial trekking provides a unique trekking experience which is a bit different from regular trekking.

8 Days - 9 Nights

The newly designed Sikles Village Trek takes you to the hidden gem of Pokhara. Siklesh villages trek is the best...


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