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Best trekking places in nepal

Best trekking places in nepal

Best trekking places in nepal

Welcome to Nepal Trekking trials. Where you and your loved ones come and leave with wonderful memories that last a lifetime.

Today we will discuss the best trekking places in Nepal. Nepal is home to the tallest peaks in the world. The highest point on earth, the Mighty Mount Everest lies here.

Besides Everest, several other mountains such as Kancanjungs, Makalu, The Annapurna lie here.

Nepal is also called the Himalayan country. It has a rich and diverse culture and traditions.

Nepal also has rivers and lakes that are unmatched anywhere else.

The Ethnicity of people here is so diverse that only a few countries can match what we have here.

The Chepangs, the Tamangs, the sherpas, the Gurung are some of the ethnic people residing in this beautiful Mountainous Country.

Today we will be diving deeper into the Best Trekking Places in Nepal.

We will also talk about the dons and don’ts while you trek in Nepal

If you want to trek in Nepal then keep reading as we unravel the mystic beauty of what Nepal Has to offer.

We will also talk about various Nepal trekking routes .These Nepal trekking routes will make you inspired and motivated to go on this wonderful journey.

  • Langtang Trek

Below we will discuss Why Langtang trek is considered as one of the best treks in Nepal and you should consider taking this trek for you and your lord.

 The wildlife here is supreme and will captivate your senses.

You will also come across the tea houses and lots of forest in between

You will get a buddhist vibe along this journey as you can get a glimpse of buddhist monasteries and stupas.

However the difficulty level of this trek can be tough, harsh and you will elevate at high altitudes and may develop altitude sickness.

The main type of cheese here is the Famous traditional yak cheese..

You will be able to view the Ganesh Mountain among many other mountains along this journey.

There are good accommodation facilities here with kind and warm hearted people to serve your every need.

Langtang Trek

  • Annapurna base camp trek

The Annapurna Mountain is one of the tallest mountain in the world,

The Annapurna base camp trek is a very rewarding trek to all the trek lovers around the world.

Now, let us discuss further about this trek.First you can travel to the beautiful city of Pokhara. The route can be by bus or you can also go by airplane from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

Then you can reach Ghandruk.

From the main point you can get the Spectacular view of the Annapurna Range.

The ethnicity will blow your mind as you will be able to find people with diverse can find the Bhramins as well as the Chettri and others like the Magyars.

you can reach here through the Ghorepani trek and the difficulty level at EBC or Annapurna Base Camp is not that hard and the majority of the People with good physical and mental conditions can come here and witness the magic.

Next on our List is the Upper Mustang Trek

Annapurna Base Camp

While you are on the way to the Upper Mustang Trek you will come across a famous and beautiful place called Kagbeni.

You will be able to come close to close with the caves and buddhist monasteries.

Besides these, you will get to see spectacular views of the Mountains such as The Nilgiri Mountain and the Annapurna mountain.

However the trek can be at elevated levels over 3000 meters.

As this trek covers the altitude of more than 3000 meters ,. This trek can get quite challenging for most people or trekkers.

You can also take the aerial route to the airport the Jomson

The point to note here is that you might fall victim to the high altitude and may get altitude sickness but this can be properly managed over time.

To simplify the trek you can hire a porter for this trek too.

Your family can come here for holidays and witness the panoramic views of the mountain, the Gosainkunda lake, Tamangs, the buddhist shrines, the wildlife and many more

This trek is arguably one of the best trekking routes in the entire world.

The legendary people called the sherpas here reside in these places.

The sherpas have a long history of summiting mountains with people from all around the world.

That’s why you might find this trek usually packed with people.

The famous place Solukhumbu can be reached via this will also get the spectacular view of the mountains.

You will find various glaciers during this trek.

And while you make your way through this journey you will also get to go through the Sagarmatha national park where there is rich flora and fauna.the wild life here is amazing to say the least.

You will also get to visit various monasteries during your trek here.

The view of the sun set and the Tibetan people and the Yaks are sure to captivate you mind, body and all senses.

Annapurna base camp trek is another trek that is popular to the masses from across the globe.

From the spectacular view of the mountain ranges to the scenic view of the mountains, this place has a lot to offer for its visitors.

Here you will witness the rich traditions and culture of the Gurung people that have been a inhabited here for a pretty long time.

You will also be able to witness the spectacular sunrise from this place. Make no mistake, this is a heavenly sight for us all.

There you will be able to witness the rhododendron flower. In fact, rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal.

You will also be able to witness the flora here. The rich flora is sure to captivate your senses.

Mt. Machhapuchhre as the name suggests, is a glorious mountain whose peak resembles a fish tail, hence the name.

This mountain is really beautiful and sure to enchant you with its beauty.

What you must know?

  • Annapurna base camp has a relatively low temperature as it can get very cold sometimes.
  • To complete the trek might take anywhere between 8 to 12 days.
  • You might experience altitude sickness. So preparation beforehand is necessary.
  • It is not that difficult to take this it is not elevated as much as other trekking trails are.
  • It is strongly advised to take a guide with you can get lost in the trek

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Trek justifies its name.The highest point in the world, this place simply mesmerizes and enchants the hearts of the people from all over the world.

Everest Base Camp Trekking

The place has various specialties such as having the Experience in the most dangerous airport to the spirituality of the people living at this place.

  • You will be able to witness the various mountains such as Ama Dablam, Lotshe or even Everest among many others.
  • You will be able to take home lots of photos and lots of memories too.
  • You can also. Book a helicopter ride back to the capital city of Kathmandu.
  • Exploring Everest will take you only a few weeks but will leave you with memories for a lifetime.
  • Trekking is one of the most enjoyable Tourist Activities that there is out here.
  • The place is considered by many as one of the best places and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

In this blog, we will discuss the various places where the trekking is located in Nepal and where you can go to experience the beauty of nature.

Proceeding on,

Secondly, we have the Everest trek. Everest trek offers people with lots of scenic views of the snow capped mountain And the famous Everest base camp trek. With a staggering height of 8848 meters from the sea level. And to get a glimpse of this monumental structure is a one of a kind experience.

The Everest base camp tour is a carefully crafted trek that will leave all your senses mesmerized. 

People in Nepal as well as from abroad come to Annapurna Base camp and embark on a journey like no other. People invest their time and energy to come to this serene place full of beauty and grace. From young aged people to the old. They can come here and leave with peace and gratitude this place has to offer.

While visiting this place, you will go through various places such as Ghandruk, Deurali, panda and much more.

A special mention goes to Ghandruk. A place in itself and a most loved tourist destination in Nepal.

The Annapurna range can be witnessed from here.people will be so much clam and cool and their souls will be calm as the summer breeze.

You will also get to visit one of the most beautiful places in Nepal.Pokhara. Pokahara has been a popular tourist destination for decades now.

The landscape of Annapurna base camp is unmatched and there is good access to transportation to this place. From flight to walk to by bus.

The trekking will be unlike any other you’ve ever witnessed.

As the name suggests, mustang is a popular tourist destination in Nepal. And upper mustang trekking is no exception. This place is full of beauty and people will fall in love at first sight with this place. This place is home to monasteries worshipped by the buddhist and the mountain renege from this place is unlike any other.

This place is rich in culture and heritage and can surely mesmerize you and leave you enchanted for days on end.

We can also find caves and find views of various mountains like the Annapurna mountain and the Dhaulagiri mountain from here.

This place also has a rich history of rock paintings and cozy and delightful restaurants where you can order your favorite meal.

This will turn out to be a refreshing activity for all the Nepal lovers.trekking in Manaslu region is unlike any other. This trek promises a lot of twist and turn and can leave you with a memory that will last a lifetime.

There is a good provision of transportation and you will come across various places that will leave you speechless.

Himalaya trekking is a loved activity from people of all ages and culture and country. Nepal is a heaven on earth and these places we just talked about above perfectly justifies it. Nepal being a landlocked country, although we don’t have direct contact with the sea or water bodies but have 8 of the tallest 10 peaks in the world.

And people can embark on the journey listed above from Everest base camp , Annapurna base. Camp and many more.

  • Gokyo trek

The Himalayan trekking is a world on its own. People from all over the world came here to witness these spectacular and memorable moments in the mountains.

People of various ethnic groups live here. They can exchange the culture and long lived traditions with the outside world.

The prize of this trek lies in the spectacular. Views of the mountains and glaciers and lakes,

Addionaliy, people with various ethnic groups will surely melt your heart as the hospitality is so unreal.

The Gokyo Lake is situated at an altitude of more than 5000m above the sea level.

You will come across Ngozumpa Glacier which is considered the largest glacier of all Himalayas

You will be able to pass the Gokyo Ri and from here you will get to witness the wonderful and spectacular mountain ranges.

You can reach this point by flight from

 the Lukla Airport.

There are a lot of provisions for hotels and tea houses at this point of place and you will be able to enjoy the hot water for taking showers and other purposes.

As you start your journey then you will come across Sagarmatha National park which reviews TIMS and the park permit for Sagarmatha National will cost you extra fees to do so.

You can take a flight from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu to Lukla Airport.

There will be lots of rocky paths and uneven surfaces during this trek and this trek is considered a moderate difficulty level trek.

The family of sherpas operate tea houses at various parts in these regions.

You can expect delicious and healthy meals like dal Bhat tarkari and other nepalese as well as western meals and foods.

The maximum altitude that to can take here is well over 5000 meters above the sea level.

People will have the choice to stay in the famous Namche Bazaar.

Some of the famous places that you will go across are niche bazaar, Dole, Machhermo and many more.

The views are spectacular and one can expect to witness the beauty of nature a t its best.

 Like a lot of people know there are difficulties with the traditional Everest base camp trek, so this trek provides safer and hassle free trek routes.

  • You will need trekking equipment like sleeping  bags,
  • You will get the tea houses or lodges across this trek.
  • You will need other foods like chocolate bars, cookies for extra fuel for the body to complete the trek effortlessly and smoothly.
  • You. Will also need a first aid kit if an emergency occurs.
  • You are advised to hire a professional guide as the journey can get tough but these guides will make it easy for you along the way.
  • As to make sure this trip ends well, it is mandatory to have travel insurance for the trekkers.
  • You will meet and be greeted by the people of the Everest region.who are the sherpas.these legendary people are from a fairytale.

These people are kind hearted and always welcome their guests with vigor and enthusiasm.

  • You will also be able to find monasteries.
  • The mountains which you will get are Everest, Mount Choyu, Mount Makalu, among others.
  • This place is famous for Buddhism and the people who live here is the flowers of Buddhism who consider Lord Buddha their God,
  • You will also be able to see the yaks and goats who live in these altitudes.
  • You will also come in close contact with the Wildlife there is Sagarmatha National park which is full of rich wildlife, flora and fauna.

For those of you who are in need to shoot perfect images and record videos or charge the battery of your electronic device, there are lots of lodges who provide the internet.

You can also hire some porter to carry extra languages along this path.they will make your life much easier and convenient.

And like many treks, people can experience altitude here are some tips to avoid and manage the conditions.

The ascend to the Himalayas should be gradual and not in a hurry or fast.This will ensure you will not experience the condition of altitude sickness.

Furthermore, you should not drink, smoke during this trek as part of the safety guidelines 

Proper hydration to the body is necessary.

You should have a balanced and neuritis diet along the way.

Apart from the mountains you will also witness the national flower of Nepal, the Rhododendron along the way.

You will also get the spectacular sunrise view from this place.

One important thing to note is that this altitude can get very high as much as 5000 meters above the sea level so proper and adequate rest is needed to fully acclimatize to the condition.

Hence, this trek will prove to be one of the most beautiful experiences of your lifetime.

  • Rara lake trek

Rara lake is situated inside the famous Rara National park. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Nepal.

The view is spectacular and awe inspiring.

The flora and fauna of this place is second to none.You can even camp and witness the beauty of this place.

Good news for the beginners, this place is quite easy to trek on and you won’t find hardships while joining this journey,

The main attraction here is the Rara lake which is situated at the high altitude of 5,351 meters above the sea level.

  • What is the route to Rara?

Well, there are two medium of travel to this place.first you can travel by bus or you can board flight to this place

  • What can you expect?

Since this place is close to the National park. You can witness the serene beauty of the landscapes and wildlife too,

This place is a habitat to the leopard, red panda and many more.

From here you can view the snow capped mountains that will surely mesmerize you with its charm

You will come across the place called jumble where this is located, and you can experience the unwire culture and tradition of the people who call this their home.

Your essential equipment will be taken care of by the porters or some yaks.

Brasier to bring online the camera, sunscreen to protect your skin.

  • How difficult is the trek?

Good news for the beginners, this place is quite easy to trek on and you won’t find hardships while joining this journey,

The main attraction here is the Rara lake which is situated at the high altitude of 5,351 meters above the sea level.

People with previous experience of trekking will find this trek easy.

However people with medical conditions should be advice from their health practitioner before embarking on this wonderful one in a lifeTime journey

  • How about Altitude Sickness

The infamous acute mountain sickness (AMS) can take place at high altitude to be sure to come here with proper medications, first aid kit or a guide who can help you deal with AMS.

And what about Travel insurance 

It is strongly advised to take a travel lnsurance before you embark son this joinery to tranquility

The local norms and values of this place will surely enchant you and you will be placed on low polite and kind the People who live are

However, it is strongly recommended to not smoke or drink during this trek as wit can have adverse dire effects on mind, body and soul and the trek might seem daunting.

This journey along the pristine Lake and wildlife will surely captivate your senses,

During this trek you will go through various places such as nepalgunj, Goru Singhe, Pina, Jumla and many more.

You will also get to view the famous Rara National park with wildlife and flora. You will be able to experience a thrill of a life time and this trek will surely mesmerize you,

Final Thoughts.

Nepal is a place like no other.the unique culture and traditions that are generation old and the snow capped mountains, meandering rivers and the flora and fauna are sure to capture your imaginations and enchant your hearts.

Here are some more articles you might be interested in. 

The places like the Everest base camp, the Annapurna base camp and among others will definitely leave you off your seats.

Annapurna Base Camp

So if you are looking for a place to feel at home, experience ,magic and explore the unexplored then Nepal is the place of choice for you. From the mountain to the valleys to the hill and the rivers, this place is a wonderful destination for all the trek lovers from all around the world.

Hence , this trek will prove to be one of your best decisions. Come to Nepal and the Nepal trekking trail will guide you all along the way from loading to managing your altitude sickness.

We are here for you and we assure that you will leave this Trek with tons of beautiful memories with your loved ones.

From Everest to Annapurna, from the national park to the monasteries.everything will leave you enchanted and you will again want to visit this place and will definitely refer it to your friends and families.

The beautiful places and the wildlife will be a perfect combo for your next vacation here in Nepal. As the view of the sunset will leave you inspired, the flora and fauna will leave you enchanted and the rugged terrain will surely captivate your senses and heal your mind, body and the spirit. You will leave this journey with beautiful memories and will want to experience this experience again and again.

And here at Nepal trekking trails we welcome you to the Shangrila of the world, i.,e Nepal.

A Place that has the highest points in the world, to the lakes that are situated at the highest point in the world, to the wildlife and culture and traditions that is rare to find anywhere else.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for a holiday in Nepal, why not join Nepal trekking trail where we guide you as a friend through all the preparations like visa, transportation, lodging, gears, guides, porter.,

So be sure to check our website for more information on how to reach us and leave the rest to us.

You will not just travel but experience the beauty of traveling. As you and your friends and families will surely be awestruck by the generous people, the majestic mountains ,the rare species of animals , the glaciers and the lakes and the monasteries.

Atlas, thank you for your time you invested in going through this blog.if you have. Nay ideas and suggestions then do feel free to reach out and together make this journey a memorable one for your friends, families and your loved ones.

Hence these are the top places where you and your loved ones can go for a trek. From the Top of the World. Ice Everest to the beautiful Langtang valley which is rich in flora and fauna.these treks are Guaranteed to make you want to come here again and again.

We suggest you come well prepared as there are lots of things involved.

From the safety to the food and shelter accommodation. We strongly advised you to take a guide along with sometimes you might get lost alone.

There are places where you can get access to electricity and the internet.but besides to bring a power bank for the camera from which you will capture images and a lot of memories.

During the trek itself, you will get to witness the majestic view of the mountain ranges and the mountains. You will come across various wildlife habitats like in Langtang National Park and Sagarmatha National park. The place is rich in flora and fauna.

Therefore if you have any plans to come to Nepal and join this spectacular journey then you can contact Nepal trekking trails and we will make you feel at home during your stay here in Nepal.

So don’t miss out this opportunity to witness majestic mountains, wildlife, flora, tradition. Feel free to contact us through email or by telephone, and join a extraordinary trip in the Himalayas.

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