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Everest Base Camp Trek in February

Everest Base Camp Trek in February is absolutely doable.

February is a month of love. On the other hand it is a door which transfers winter into spring which is one of the best seasons of the year. Celebrate this wonderful month with you loved ones and trek to the base of highest summit i.e. Everest Base Camp Trek. Although, February is not the best month to trek to Everest Base Camp but it is absolutely doable.

Since it is not the best month you will encounter less traffic on the way. The routes are less crowded and thus, you will have a peaceful trek. Moreover, this month rewards you with the best morning views with crystal clear skies and golden evenings. On the other hand bookings of the hotels, guest houses get much easier with high barging chances and quality service. It is also the best month for photographers because the views during February are truly breath taking with snow capped views. Temperatures of Khumbu region during February is mostly cold and often decreases to minus. The temperature mostly ranges from 5°c- -15°c during February. Thus, you will need to have extra warm clothes to escape from chilling temperature.

February is not the best month to trek to Everest Base Camp but you may have the best trekking experience during this month for sure.

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