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Annapurna Panorama Trek – 9 Days

My Annapurna Panorama trek of 09 days was one of the best journeys of my life and it was all because of Nepal Trekking Trial. I was looking for a short and easy trek to Nepal and I thought of doing Annapurna Panorama trek but had no idea which company to choose for. I googled for trekking companies and I found out Nepal Trekking Trial. The reviews were quite satisfactory so I thought of joining them but wasn’t sure yet. I messaged Kedar and asked a lot of questions which he patiently answered clearing all my doubts. Thus, I booked a ticket and messaged the time of arrival by the time I landed at Kathmandu airport they were already waiting for me. Everything was already planned by Kedar, he detailed me about my trip and introduced with my guide Lakpa who is my friend now. No other guide would have made my trip better than him. I always appreciate his remarkable service and helpful nature. The company exceeded my expectations and the place was outstanding. I will surely join them for another trek again when I go back to Nepal.

Thankyou !




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