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Manaslu Circuit Trek | Cost and Itinerary

17 Days

Admired as one of the best, Manaslu circuit trek is a classic and thrilling trek in Nepal. Opened in 1992 for the visitors, it soon started attracting travellers in no notice. The less traversed route of Manaslu circuit is rich in unmatched Himalayas aesthete. The panoramic view of Mt. Manaslu, Annapurna, Ganesh Himal range, alluring nature, and flawless landscape make it a perfect hub for trekking.

Manaslu circuit trek is an actual trek to explore the great Himalayas. Annapurna mountain on the West and Ganesh Himal on the East adds perfect display to this outlook. Besides, the enriched culture and preserved tradition of locals add beauty to this remote route of West Nepal. 

The scenery and diverse climatic zones throughout the Manaslu trek route surely inspire you. The beautiful snow-capped landscape and alpine woods of this trek route are what travellers admire most. The subtropical vegetation of Soti Khola and the alpine landscape of Larkya La Pass entertains you throughout the trekking. The true wonder of Manaslu unfolds as you start your hike from Maccha Khola and Jagat. The ripped rice and millet farms and beautiful settlement of Khorla Besi are the best. The enticing gorges of Budi Gandaki river and twirling waterfalls of highlands are major highlights of 14 days Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

Why is Manaslu Circuit Trekking less popular?

Yes, trekking to Annapurna and the Everest region is an adventure. But, in terms of sightseeing and natural aesthetics, the less trekked Manaslu Circuit route is close to these destinations. Among all the hikes and treks in Nepal, the trekking in this circuit is the least preferred destination. Every year, on a peak season, not more than 2,000 trekkers trek to Manaslu.  

This figure is only about 2% of total travellers who love to hike in the Himalayas. So, what makes this trek less popular among other destinations in Nepal? 

There are many reasons for this. First, the route to Manaslu circuit is in the remote landscape. It makes the Manaslu Trek cumbersome. The rocky and uneven natural walking trail makes the day hike strenuous. 

Further, the demanding seven hours long walk in high  altitude needs physical fitness. It also required previous high-altitude hike experience. Thus, trekkers with previous hike experience and sound physique can only scale the route of the Manaslu circuit trek for 14 days.

This trek can be quite challenging and tough, So you won’t find many visitors here. The terrain is hard and not recommended for beginners as it can get tough and one must come here well prepared.

Some Highlights and attractions

You will not be disappointed as this place has. Some spectacular views of the mountains.This plan can rightly be called the best trek trials which is second to none.

  1. You will also have a chance to visit the Manaslu conservation area.

2. Those who made it this far, you are in for a surprise. as the landscape, the terrain, the mountains will surely captivate           your senses.

3. Apart from the flora and fauna, you will also get glimpses of the yak here.This leaves me in awe of how beautiful this place really is.

4. You will also be soaked deeply with the spiritual and religious aspect of life over both Hindu as well as buddhist inhabit this wonderful place.

5. If you get lucky you might find one or more snow leopards.

6. You will witness the meandering bud hi Gandaki river too.

7. Some of the places where you will travel are Bintang, Besi Sahara, Namrung among many others.

8.You can also book local skillful and experienced guides.

9. Some packages also offer foods for the day.

10. You will also have the option to hire a porter to carry all your languages.

11. And who can forget the majestic Mount Manaslu which stands air a staggering height of 8,156m meters above the sea level.

12. The views get so panoramic that you will feel like you have a surreal feeling of utmost elation and trekking has health benefits.

13. You will come across various villages with a unique blend of traditions and culture.and not to mention, the kind hearted and welcoming locals.

14. You will also come across various waterfalls that will enthrall you.The waterfalls are very beautiful indeed.

Some Guidelines and Tips 

He prepared for altitude sickness because there are plenty of cases of it.

Keep yourself well hydrated and bring water along with you.keeping yourself well hydrated is the key.

Also don’t forget to keep your hunger can bring energy bars or some type of food that has enough protein in it.

Final Thoughts

You will have the option to have both the private vehicles as well as private vehicles.  You can check this link for more information

The Gurung people of Nepal also inhabit this wonderful might end up making some friends at the end of the trip.

The scenes you will witness at this place are second to none and unmatched by any other place.Many consider this place as the best trek in nepal.

Nodoubt as this place is culturally rich and naturally blessed.

The lifestyle of the people who call this place their home can make your stay here more fulfilling and exciting.

you will be enthralled by the beauty of this place and will experience utter elation throughout this journey. so we are here to help you achieve just that. Be prepared and let’s go on a journey that is sure to leave you captivated and enthralled.

Finally, you can contact us here for more information

Overview : Manaslu Circuit Trek

itinerary of the Manaslu circuit trek starts with an eight-hour-long drive from Kathmandu to a village in Soti Khola. En route to Manaslu circuit,  you’ll start getting glimpses of Annapurna, Langtang. You’ll trek for almost seven hours from Soti Khola to Machha Khola on the next day. Hiking through Gurung settlements, rice fields, cliff-face ridge, and Gudhi Gandaki river makes the day walk best. Trek to Jagat from Machha Khola would be strenuous as you have to hike almost 22 km before evening. A natural hot spring at Tatopani would be the stopping point for the rest. 

You’ll trek Philim, Deng, Ghap, Lho, and Sama Gaon for the following days. On the 9th day, upon reaching Sama Gaon, you’ll stay here for one day for acclimatisation. Trekking over 3,525 metres in Manaslu circuit trek route will cause altitude sickness if you lack proper acclimatisation. 

Hike to Pungyen Gompa would be the best choice for a day’s sightseeing. One of the major attractions of this trek, Manaslu base camp, is perfect for sightseeing. North of Sama Gaon, this is an ideal place for sightseeing of Mt. Manaslu, Annapurna, and others. Manaslu glacier and Birendra Tal are best for viewing en route to Manaslu Base Camp.

You’ll trek and acclimatise to Samdo for another day. There are many sightseeing spots around this palace to make the Manaslu trek memorable. Samdo is a popular place for witnessing the Yak caravan. If lucky, you’ll get to see Blue Sheep around while acclimatising. 

You’ll hike to the Dharmashala and Larkya La Pass to Bimthang. Larkya La at 5,160 metres is a viewpoint for various peaks like Himlung, Annapurna I, and Kang Guru. The glaciers and icefalls en route often slow the walking pace. Ascending to Larkya La Pass is difficult. The snow deposits make the walk difficult. Include a crampon while backpacking for the Manaslu route trek. It makes decent a lot easier. 

From this point onward, the descent to Bimthang marks the end of the Manaslu circuit trek route and the start of the Annapurna Conservation area.

You’ll further trek to Dharapani and take a jeep to BesiSahar. You’ll reach Kathmandu after a seven hour drive from BesiSahar. 

A hot shower and luxury stay at a three-star hotel in Kathmandu marks the end of your Manaslu circuit trek.

Short Itinerary for Manaslu Circuit Trek

DAY 07: DENG- GHAP 2165M
DAY 08: GHAP- LHO 3180M

Manaslu Circuit Trek : Highlights

  • Stunning views of Mt. Annapurna I and II, Ganesh Himal range, and Mt. Manaslu all around the circuit.
  • Unmatched joy and thrill of ascending the Larkya La Pass at 5,167 metres.
  • The less crowded trekking destination of Manaslu lets you enjoy nature at peace.
  • Tea house-based overnights throughout the trek.
  • Walking through the deepest gorge of Budi Gandaki and dense rhododendron forests.
  • Celebrating the preserved tradition of Buddhist and Hindu communities throughout the Manaslu circuit trek route.
  • Vibing enriched culture and alluring scenery of this remote trail of Himalayas.
  • Sightseeing on Mt. Manaslu and Pungyen Gompa from the Manaslu Base Camp.
  • Witness some rare Himalayan wildlife like Thar, Pika, Agali, and Marmots.
  • Horse riding at some places on the Manaslu circuit if you feel tired while walking.


After arriving in Kathmandu representative of Nepal Trekking Trial associate with Actual Himalayan Group will pick up you by our private vehicle and transfer you to the Hotel.

After an early breakfast we'll start our beautiful journey with drive through the beautiful river view & Nepalese countryside to reach at Arughat, Arughat is on the footsteps of Manasalu. It takes about 5 hours (142km) from Kathmandu to reach Arughat, our trek start point. Overnight in Arughat

After breakfast this morning we will begin our trek by walking from Arughat to Soti khola which takes about 5 hours. The trials offer a wonderful view of the surroundings. We will pass several villages along our ways where we interact with the peoples of different tribes. Overnight in Soti Khola

After having breakfast we cross the bridge, we trek through the beautiful Sal forests, then climb onto a ridge above huge rapids on the Budhi Gandaki. We then reach Khursane upon which the rocky trail weaves its way up and down, past two tropical waterfalls on a steep, rocky trail clinging to the side of a cliff. We head down again to the river and cross another suspension bridge to reach Machha Khola village. Overnight in Machha Khola.

Today, the narrow trail makes some minor ups and downs and eventually crosses the Tharo Khola and reaching Khorlabesi. After a few more ascends and descends we come across a small Hotspring in Tatopani and Budhi Gandaki. Crossing the west bank of the Budhi Gandaki, we climb over a ridge, trek along the river and then climb towards the village of Jagat. Overnight in Jagat.

Today we begin our trek by climbing over a rocky ridge to Salleri, and then descend to Sirdibas. The valley widens a bit as the trail continues up to Ghatta Khola and we pass through bamboo forests to the Deng Khola. Upon crossing the Khola, we reach the tiny village of Deng. Overnight in Deng.

Today we will trek from Deng to Ghap which will take about 4 hrs walking. After we pass through some small settlements we ascend to the impressive valley where we can get chance to see prayer stones carved into wayside rocks. It is a sign that we are now in a Buddhist Region. Then we continue our walk by dropping down once more to the river and from there is a short climb to Ghap (2165m). Overnight in Ghap.

Today we will walk through alpine forests, home to white-faced monkeys with beautiful nature. From Ghap we have a long climb to Namrung, and we pass the Tibetan village of Sho and just above the village we get our first heart taking view of Mt. Manaslu. In Lho we will find mani walls, chortens, prayer flags and a large monastery.

We enjoy extraordianary views of Mt. Manaslu from Lho village and also explore the famous Ribung Gompa. Then move to Shyala village we will be surrounded by high mountains like Himal Chuli and Peak 29 (Ngadi Chuli) to the left, Manaslu and large glaciers straight ahead, and other snow summits to the right, and at the far end stands Ganesh Himal. Today’s journey ends in Samagaon where we spend the night. Overnight in Samagaon.

We spend the day at Samagaon both for rest and acclimatization. Today, we get acquainted with the rich Sherpa culture. We enjoy the sight of thousands of Mani stones with Buddhist texts and pictures and the Sherpa women clad in traditional clothes and ornaments. On a little hill near the Sama village is an old Gompa (Pungyen Gompa), a monastery with great views of the glacier. It is named after Manaslu, Pungyen means bracelet, a good description of the two. Overnight in Samagaon

Today, we descend to the Budhi Gandaki River, that has turned north and follow it to a bridge over a side stream. The trail to the left leads to the Manaslu Base camp. The Larkya la Trail passes several mani walls as the valley begins to widen. It is an easy trail on a shelf above the river passing the juniper and birch forests of Kermo Kharka. We drop off the shelf, cross the Budhi Gandaki on a wooden bridge and climb steeply onto a promontory between two forks of the river. From a stone arch we can view a large white kani. Finally passing through the kani we find Samdo. Overnight in Samdo

Even today, we continue our walk down the edge, cross the wooden bridge over Budi Gandaki and begin walking upward. Upon crossing two streams and witnessing the Larkya Glacier we go around the valley of the Salka Khola and climb up again to the stone guest house (4450 m), which is not a lodge but a kind of shelter called Dharmshala, also known as Larke Phedi. The short walk today also leaves plenty of time for acclimatization and relaxing in the afternoon. Overnight in Dharmashala

After a short climb, we reach a valley on the north side of the Larkya Glaciers from where we can enjoy great views of Cho Danda and Larkya Peak. Finally, we walk across moraines of the glacier, making a gradual ascent which becomes steeper only in the last section of the pass. From the pass, there are outstanding views of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kangguru and the huge Annapurna II. It is a longer day than usual to Bimtang, but to walk into these low pastures with the evening mist coming in with Mt. Manaslu looming close by is an overwhelming experience. Overnight in Bimthang

Today you will have excellent views of Manaslu to the South East and Annapurna II to the South West. Descending through a rhododendron forest and following a trail through a narrow valley, we reach the highest cultivated land in this valley at Karche, 2785 meters. From short distance beyond there is the village of Gho. After that we will cross a wooden bridge back to the northern side of the Dudh Khola and climb up through a chorten-shaped arch and past a mani wall to Thonje. At the village of Thonje, we go through checkpoint, and then continue our trek to Dharapani. Overnight in Dharapani

Our trek follows trails used on the first few days of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Then we will Trek from Dharapani to Syeange climbing up and away from the river and hike through a broad, flat valley to the village of Tal (1,675m), situated at the foot of a large waterfall. Overnight in Syange

After having breakfast we will trek from Syange to Besi Sahar which will take about 7 hours. Overnight in Besisahar. After breakfast drive from Besi Sahar to Kathmandu which will take approximately 7-8 hours. Then transfer to Hotel. Afternoon free at Kathmandu Hotel.

Day 17 :

A representative from Nepal Trekking Trial will transfer you to the airport before two hours from your flight with lots of a hope of seeing you again in the future.

The cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek includes:

  • Pick up and drop facilities from Airport-Hotel-Airport (by private car)
  • Comfortable private vehicle transportation.
  • Full day city tour by private vehicle.
  • Stays in 3 star standard hotels in Kathmandu or clean lodge/guest houses during the trek. (as per availability ) All the rooms will be in twin sharing basis.
  • Every meals during the trek.( breakfast, lunch, dinner, including tea and coffees)
  • Seasonable fresh fruit.
  • Experienced, well trained, English speaking guide with all his expenses, insurance, equipment during your travel period.
  • One porter for each two member in a group (with all his expenses, insurance, equipment during your travel period)
  • Travel and rescue arrangements.
  • Entrance fees for sightseeing/monument visits as per itinerary.
  • Actual Adventure Down jacket and sleeping bag, Duffel bags and walking poles (to be returned after trip completion)
  • Actual Adventure T-shirt and trekking map.
  • Medical kit (carried by your trek leader)
  • All necessary paperwork including Trekkers Information Management System permit (TIMS) (ACAP) and special permit for Manaslu.
  • All government and local taxes.

The cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek Excludes

  • Tips for guides, porters and drivers.
  • Nepalese visa fee.
  • Extra night accommodation due to any reason in Kathmandu.
  • Extra luggage charge.
  • Personal expenses not included in the itinerary.
  • Recommended Travel and Medical Insurance.
  • All alcoholic drinks.
  • Extra charge for the single supplement rooms.
  • Extra fees for the battery charge and hot shower during the trek.
Is Manaslu circuit trek difficult?

Yes ! Manaslu circuit trek is difficult. The uneven and rough terrain of the Manaslu circuit route demands more from the trekkers. If you want to trek the Manaslu, you should be physically fit. The remote location and the longer trekking hours in this trek will extremely tire you.

The 180 km long Manaslu trek route takes more than 14 days of trekking. To complete this trek, you sometimes have to hike eight hours per day. But, if you feel like acclimatising and resting for a few more days, you can extend this hike to some days.

For these reasons, it is difficult to trek the Manaslu circuit.

How long is the Manaslu circuit trek?

The Manaslu trek route is 180 km or 110 miles long. To complete the hike in this circuit is not an easy job. Besides, it is on the high altitude rugged terrain of the Himalayas.

The itinerary for the Manaslu circuit trek is different. You can select the itinerary of either 14 days or extend it to one more week for the Annapurna region tour. Also, most tour companies operate this trek from Soti Khola. Some of the tour companies start the hike from Arughat Bazar.

Can I trek Manaslu circuit solo?

The answer is NO!

You cannot trek the Manaslu circuit solo. Manaslu circuit is a restricted area for foreigners. So, you need to buy three different Nepal Government issued permits to enter this area. Even Nepali people are not able to trek solo here.

To trek in the Manaslu circuit, you must hire an experienced licensed tour guide. To make your Manaslu circuit trek safe and comfortable, you also can hire a porter to carry the backpacks.

How can I reach Manaslu base camp?

You can reach Manaslu base camp in either helicopter flight or trekking.

The helicopter flight to Manaslu base camp is a one-day sightseeing tour. A helicopter tour is the best way to sightsee Manaslu mountain and several peaks of the Annapurna range.

Trekking is another option to reach the Manaslu base camp. The fourteen days long trek takes you to the majestic Manaslu mountain. The strenuous walk makes trekking less in the Manaslu circuit.

Is a helicopter tour to Manaslu circuit available?

The approximate cost of Manaslu circuit trek is USD 2000.

We at Actual Adventure operate Manaslu circuit trek during Spring and Autumn season. Our seasoned guides and porters will make your travel comfortable and successful.

To know the availability and cost of Manaslu circuit trek, contact our tour manager Mr. Kedar Neupane at +977 9851012358. .You can also email to or

Learn more about the cost of the Manaslu circuit trek we offer to our valued customers.

What is the best time for Manaslu circuit trek?

The best time for the Manaslu circuit trek are Spring and Autumn. The months like March, April, and May are best for hiking because of the mild temperature. During these months, the visibility also becomes utmost visible. Travellers also get the chance to witness the thick snow deposits of winter. Also, the new flora and blossoming rhododendron adorn the terrain.

The days in September, October, and November are also the best time for the Manaslu circuit trek. At this time, the monsoon stops, and days become warmer and clear. Also, the unobstructed view of the landscape makes the sightseeing the best.

Trekking in the Himalayas has its taste to travellers. Some prefer to trek in winter to experience the snowfall, and some love to travel in summer. But, trekking during the gentle months of the year would be the best time for Manaslu and Annapurna regions.

What is the difference between Manaslu Circuit and Annapurna Circuit?

Annapurna circuit is a fantastic trail in the Himalayas to trek. Being a prime trekking route after Everest base camp, this trail is full of trekkers. The busiest trekking is not best for the genuine traveller.

The less crowded trail of the Manaslu circuit is best for genuine trekkers. Thus, the Manaslu circuit would be the best for trekkers who want to explore the high Himalayan trail with utmost peace. It has everything that nature has to offer for travellers. Also, the best trekking experience makes the trekking in the Manaslu circuit joyous.

What permits are needed for the Manaslu circuit trek?

Trekking in the Manaslu circuit requires a permit issued by the Government of Nepal. The permit is Manaslu Restricted Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP), and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP).

Here are the permits needed for Manaslu circuit trek.

Manaslu Restricted Permit costs USD 70 for the first seven days. To extend the permit, for each day, you have to pay USD 10. This permit cost varies in different seasons.

Manaslu Area Conservation Permit (MCAP) costs NPR 2000 for foreign nationals. For SAARC nationals, the price of this permit is NPR 200.

The Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) costs USD 30 for the individual.

Before heading for trekking, we at Actual Adventure will manage all the required Manaslu Circuit permits for you.

How to get fit for Manaslu circuit trek?

You’ll likely get altitude sickness on the Manaslu circuit trek.

Symptoms of altitude sickness on Manaslu circuit trek start appearing as you climb past 3,000 metres. Trekking to Manaslu circuit reaches a maximum height of 5,220 metres at Larkya La Pass.

The symptoms include nausea, shortness of breathing, dizziness, headaches, and difficulty walking.

But the Manaslu circuit trek guides trained in such an environment will perform the immediate treatment to make you feel comfortable. Minor headache or dizziness appears to all, but there is nothing to worry much. Also, carrying some medicines like Nifedipine 60 mg and Antiemetic prevents nausea and High Altitude sickness in Manaslu circuit trek.

Review the profile of your tour guide to get an experienced one. It’s also wise to select the best trekking service provider in Nepal. We, at Actual Adventure, provide you with the best guides to make your Manaslu circuit trek successful.

What is the accommodation in Manaslu circuit trek?

In Kathmandu, you’ll stay at a three-star hotel. They will treat you with utmost luxury services.

But, en route to the Manaslu circuit, you’ll stay at tea house-based accommodation. Don’t expect the overnight to be luxurious. The tea houses based accommodation in Manaslu circuit trek offer minimal foods rich in carbohydrates and protein. It will help you keep up the energy for the next day’s hike. The overnight stays at tea houses are ideal for the tired legs and body to get the proper rest from a long day trek.

How can I find a good trekking company for Manaslu circuit trek?

In Thamel, countless tour companies operate the Manaslu circuit trek during the season.

For you, as a traveller, selecting the best trekking company is crucial. Also, the guides offered by the company must have the experience of trekking at the Manaslu circuit.

With our proven records of 100% Manaslu circuit trek success rate, we are one of the best trekking companies in Nepal. Our long experience and expertise in Manaslu circuit trekking will plan and manage this trek to be a success. Also, our expert guidance in Manaslu completes your trekking with some degree of comfort.

To know the availability and booking of Manaslu circuit trek, contact our tour manager Mr. Kedar Neupane at +977 9851012358 .You can also email to or

Manaslu Circuit Trek : Trip Info

Why Manaslu Circuit if it’s arduous to trek?


Manaslu circuit trek for 14 days is best for audacious trekkers. The uneven and rough route of Manaslu offers some challenging tasks to trekkers en route. But, the warm hospitality and greetings from Nuri natives will make you feel homey. On top of that, the venerated tradition among the Buddhists and the Hindus community will calm you. 

Want to extend your Manaslu circuit trek itinerary from 14 days to 21 days?


Being in the Annapurna region, the Manaslu trek is also an alternative to the Annapurna Circuit trek. You can customise the Manaslu trekking standard itinerary of from 14 days to 21 days. It lets you explore some ideal routes of Annapurna Circuit. Travellers mostly prefer the trek to Tsum valley after extending this trekking to 21 days.

In short, here is the blog of things to know for Manaslu Circuit Trekking in 2022.


Trek starts/ ends  

Soti Khola/ Dharapani


Tea House

Trek duration 

14 days

Trek cost

USD 1000 – 1200 (approx)

Best time

March – May & September to November 


Lodge/Guest House

Trek grade


Maximum Elevation

Larkya La Pass, 5,167 metres

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Manaslu Circuit Trek | Cost and Itinerary

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