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Upper Mustang Trek – 17 days | Cost and Itinerary

The Upper Mustang trek  takes you to the once forbidden kingdom of Himalaya, Lo Manthang. It takes you to one of the droughts yet alluring lands of Nepal. This less populated and moderate trek route to the Upper Mustang takes you through diverse climatic zones and awe-inspiring Tibetan culture. It is the best way to explore the northern part of the Annapurna region. Sitting over an altitude of 4,000 meters, witnessing the joy of the trekking in Upper Mustang is an actual adventure of Himalayas.

Upper Mustang location

Located between the Dalome village of Mustang and the autonomous region of Tibet, Upper Mustang is a pure gem of Himalaya. Its history dates back to the Lo dynasty of Tibet who first ruled this place. This once independent kingdom of Himalaya is closely attached with the language and culture of Tibet. 

Still, people here speak the Tibetan language and celebrate centuries-old festivals. The strategic location of the Upper Mustang granted control over the trade between India and the Himalayas. In 17 days Upper Mustang trek, you’ll witness the famous silk route was the trade route in the Himalayas from the 15th century to the 17th. Nepal took control of this land in the 18th century, and since 1995, it has become a part of Nepal’s map. Until Nepal became a Republic, the inherited rules from the Lo Dynasty survived for many centuries here. 

Trekking history in Upper Mustang

The trekking to Upper Mustang started in 1992 and became one of the most loved trekking destinations since. Yearly, around 800 travelers trek to Upper Mustang. It makes the 17 days Upper Mustang trek route a perfect place to avoid the crowd of trekkers.

On top, the few trekking in the Upper Mustang give you the rustic vibe of landscape. After all, trekking is a way to enjoy the undamaged culture, landscape, and scenic beauty. The beautiful mountains, colorful rocks, arid valleys, and sandy desert of upper Mustang never tire your eyes. The sightseeing around the 14th century built Lo Manthang gives you the ultimate viewing pleasure. 

Why Upper Mustang trek is best?

Great advantage to you for trekking in Upper Mustang for 17 days is that it lies in the rain shadow area of Himalaya. During monsoon, this place is even more suited for the cultural trek. Farmers during the monsoon get busier in their fields planting and harvesting. The wheat and buckwheat fields in Spring make Upper Mustang further appealing. You can also witness the warmth of traditional Tibetan culture in Upper Mustang throughout the trekking. 

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Upper Mustang Trek - 17 days

Ever wondered what makes the Upper Mustang trek in the Himalayas a actual adventure? Countless reasons make this trekking worthy. Let’s dive in!

17 days Upper Mustang Trek
A beautiful village in 17 days upper mustang trek 

Your 17 days Upper Mustang trek begins with a flight from Pokhara to Jomsom. Jomsom is the best place for trekking around the Annapurna region. You’ll walk along the shore of the Kali Gandaki river up to Kagbeni. At Kagbeni, you have to submit the ACAP and RAP permits to enter the restricted area of the Upper Mustang. Your tour guide will arrange everything for you. The 12 days long trek in Upper Mustang ascends through the high passes, gorges, and flatlands. Upon reaching Lo Manthang, you’ll stay a day for sightseeing and acclimatisation. Trekking back to Lo Gear and making a wish in a Gompa is a fashion among the trekkers. Throughout the trek, you’ll get an alluring view of Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri. You’ll stay overnight at Jomsom for proper rest before flying to Pokhara and to Kathmandu to mark the end of the Upper Mustang trek.

Short itinerary for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Day 1
– Arrival in Kathmandu and check in at the hotel.
Day 2 – Sightseeing around Kathmandu, briefings of trek and shopping.
Day 3 – Take a flight/drive for 6 hours from Kathmandu to Pokhara (827 metres). Overnight at Pokhara.
Day 4 – Fly to Jomsom (2,700 metres) from Pokhara. Trek for four-hour from Jomsom to Kagbeni (2,810 metres). Overnight at Kagbeni.
Day 5 – Trek to Chele (3,050 metres) from Kagbeni. Overnight at Chele.
Day 6 – Trek to Syanboche (3,475 metres) from Chele for 7 hours. Overnight at Syanboche.
Day 7 – Trek To Ghami (3,520 metres) from Syanboche for 6 hours. Overnight at Ghami.
Day 8 – Trek to Tsarang (3,620 metres) for 6 hours. Overnight at Tsarang.
Day 9 – Trek to Lo Manthang (3,780 metres) from Tsarang for 4 hours. Overnight at Lo Manthang.
Day 10 – Day for acclimatisation in Lo Manthang. Overnight at Lo Manthang.
Day 11 – Trek to Dhakmar (3,810 metres) from Lo Manthang Via Grkar route for 7 hours. Overnight at Drakmar.
Day 12 – Trek to Ghiling (3,570 metres) for 6 hours. Overnight at Ghiling.
Day 13 – Trek to Chuskang (2,950 metres) from Ghiling for 6 hours. Overnight in Chuskang.
Day 14 – Trek to Jomsom (2,700 metres) from Chuskang  for 7 hours. Overnight at Jomsom.
Day 15 – Fly from Jomsom to Pokhara. Overnight in Pokhara
Day 16 – Fly/Drive back from Pokhara to Kathmandu. End of your Upper Mustang trek.
Day 17 – Farewell

Highlights of 17 days Upper Mustang trek

  • Witness the history of Lo Manthang as you walk by the palace of King Lo in the upper Himalayas.
  • Trek to the sacred place Tibetan wall kingdom of Mustang.
  • Mustang lies in the rain shadow part of Nepal. So, trekking here will be comfortable during the monsoon too.
  • Taste the blend of roasted sheep and Chauri.
  • Experience the varied culture and tradition of Tibetan and Thakali communities.
  • Staggering view of Mt. Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri massifs from the most possible close quarters.
  • Trek through this rustic geography of caves, rocky cliffs, sandy desert of upper Himalaya, and some century-old Buddhist monasteries.

Detailed itinerary for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Upon your arrival at Kathmandu airport, you have to go through some custom verifications and an on-arrival visa. In the meantime, representative staff from Actual Adventure will be there to welcome you to Nepal, carrying your name on a display card or the board of Actual Adventure.

A private drive from the airport will take you to the hotel for your stay. It is where you'll stay while touring in Kathmandu. Overnight at the hotel.

If you are first time traveller in Nepal, for the day, you'll be doing sightseeing around Kathmandu. It is rich in culture, ancient architecture, spiritual places, etc. For the day excursion in Kathmandu, you can find places to tour as per your interest. Bhaktapur and Patan durbar squares are the traveller's favourite places in the city. Further, you can also visit UNESCO world heritage sites like Pashupatinath, Swoyambhu, and Boudha. For natural hikes, you can go to Chandragiri hills.

Next, you'll also have a briefing session about the Upper Mustang trekking. Our team leader will deliver the information session regarding how the Upper Mustang trek will proceed for the next 14 days. Our representative will also explain the itinerary for Upper Mustang trek.

To complete the preparation before leaving for Upper Mustang, you have to shop for the trekking gear and necessary items. Thamel, a busy tourist hub in Kathmandu, is where you can find the items of your choice. If you can bargain the price, you can get the items of your choice at affordable rates.

To kick start your Upper Mustang trekking, you'll head to Pokhara on this day. We care for your comfort. So, to make the road trip luxurious and safer, we'll manage a deluxe coach for the ride to Pokhara. The 6 hours drive from Kathmandu along Prithvi highway takes you along the shore of Trishuli and Seti river.

Pokhara is a prominent tourist hub in Nepal. It is the transit and hot tourism spot for every tour in the Annapurna region.

To make your day in Pokhara memorable, you can ride a boat on Fewa Lake. If you get spare time for sightseeing, you can stroll around the Bat Cave, Devis falls. In the evening, you can hang out in the pubs around Lakeside with some chilled beer.

Overnight stay at lodge in Pokhara.

A 25 minutes scenic flight to Jomsom from Pokhara gives us the vibe of the Upper Mustang trekking. On a clear day, the aerial view of peaks like Nilgiri, Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri from flight looks spectacular.

After landing at Jomsom airport, we'll head to Kagbeni for an overnight stay.

The trail leads us through the shore of the beautiful Kali Gandaki river up to Ekle Bhatti at 2740 metres. The day hike is a comfortable walk on the flat landscape of Jomsom and Chuksang.

The four-hour-long walk finally takes us to Kagbeni. Strolling around Kagbeni in your spare time would be best for sightseeing.

Overnight at a lodge in Kagbeni.

You have to submit ACAP and RAP permits to go further beyond Kagbeni. As you start the hike for the day, the arid yet beautiful landscape makes the sightseeing unmatched.

Tangbe village would be the first stop for the day. The tranquil village of Tangbe hosts houses with white-washed walls. The wind blowing the colored prayer flags also makes this village a beautiful landmark in Mustang.

Passing some apple fields along the rough trail, you'll reach Chusang. The hike to Chele from Chusang is a steep uphill climb. This hike will tire you to the bone, but the sightseeing soothes you.

The six long hours of the hike ends overnight at the teahouse at Chele.

From Chele to Syangboche, day six of your trekking to Upper Mustang will be a strenuous walk of almost 7 hours.

Crossing Taklam La Pass at 3,634 metres and Dajori Lalets Pass at 3,735 metres makes the day hike cumbersome. The best view of the mountains is when you reach the top. From these passes, sightsee peaks like Tilicho and Nilgiri. Some descents from Taklam take you to the beautiful village of Samar.

Frequent climbs and descents from Samar followed by crossing Chungsi Cave make the hike strenuous. People believe that Chungsi cave is where Guru Rinpoche ( a highest order Buddhist priest) meditated for years. It is also a piece of history to witness firsthand.

Almost all day long ascending, descending, and crossing the passes tire you to the limit. Overnight at Syangboche with good food relieves your fatigue to some extent.

Barley and wheat are the major crops in the Himalayas that add life to the arid landscape. Tibetan-style villages en route decorated by chortens also make the walk joyous.

Ghami is a 6-hour long hike from Syangboche. The route for the day is composed of a steep climb and descent that takes you to Ghiling for stopping and rest. The strenuous climb to Yamda La pass at 3,850 metres and Nyi La pass at 4,010 metres, followed by a two-hour descent, takes you to Ghami. Ghami is a scenic village rich in Tibetan culture and beliefs.

Ghami is also known for caves around. If you manage to make some spare time, visit a cave nearby. Overnight at a tea house in Ghami.

After having a good breakfast at Ghami, you'll take a descent trail to Ghami Khola. Crossing the bridge over Ghami Khola and progressing the way takes you to the aridest land in Mustang. But, the outlook of mountains in the east and small settlements in the north makes the hike picturesque.

The best part of this day is that you'll walk past the long streak of Buddhist Mani. Crossing the steep trail to Charang La Pass at 3,870 takes you to Charang. The village sits on top of Charang Chu canyon.

You'll have more time to explore around the village as it's a four-hour walk day today. On sightseeing, you'll behold some traces of ancient fortresses and gompas in Charang.

Overnight at the tea house in Charang.

It is wise to explore Charang in the morning after breakfast. For our 5 hours long hike for the day, we'll cross Lo La Pass at 3,900 metres.

From Charang, we'll descend for some time and then climb up to Lo La pass. From here, you'll have the first glimpse of once a forbidden kingdom of Lo Manthang.

The short descent from Lo La Pass takes you to the beautiful village of Lo Manthang, now a rural municipality of Mustang. On the surrounding, Mt. Annapurna I, Nilgiri, and Tilicho give a gorgeous view all day long.

Lo Manthang is the destination for Upper Mustang trek.

When you hike over an altitude of 3500 metres, acclimatisation is crucial. It would be best to acclimate yourself by sightseeing around the Lo Manthang. You'll get plenty of excursion options for this day.

Buddhist gompas like Jhama, Chhoeda, and Thupchen are popular among travellers. These centuries-old monasteries add charm to the valley. Strolling around the remains of an arid ancient fortress can also be the best sightseeing option available.

You can also tour the Royal Palace of the King of Lo Manthang. Built in the 15th century by the first King, Amad Pal, this five storied tall palace is ancient and rich with Buddhism. After severe damage from an earthquake in 2015, the complete restoration has made this palace stand again.

Other favoured sightseeing spots here include Milarepa cave, Jhong cave, and Sky cave. Built on the cliffs around the 15th century, this piece of architecture makes every traveller admire their presence. Archeologists believe that these caves served as burial, hiding, and often for meditation.

Oh! And yes, you can also horse ride around if you feel tired to walk. Overnight at a tea house in Lo Manthang.

On the 11th day of your Upper Mustang trek, you’ll hike to Dhakmar from Lo Manthang would be a long walk of 7 hours. So, we'll set out for a walk in the early morning. Marang La Pass at 4,230 metres is a climb for the day.

En route, you'll reach a revered Ghar Gompa. People here also call it Lo Gyakar. On this Gompa, a myth is that you must make a wish, which comes true later. A few hour's decent walk from Gompa takes you to Dhkmar.

Overnight at the tea house in Dhakmar.

Ghiling is almost a dry place surrounded by a barren, arid landscape. Due to this, wind speed is usually high in the daytime. It causes a drop in temperature and also makes it difficult to descend.

After breakfast in the early morning, we set our hike to Ghiling through a rugged plateau and green fields of Barley and Wheat. Besides, the astounding view of Mt. Nilgiri and Dhaulagiri relieves your fatigue.

After 6 hours of long descent, you can finally comfort yourself in the teahouse. Overnight here in Ghiling.

Located in the route to Upper Mustang trekking, Chhusang at 2,980 metres is an hour-long walk from Tangbe. It lies at the junction of the mighty Kali Gandaki and Narsingha rivers.

Walking by the local settlements lets you feel the hardship in the upper Himalayas. The descent will make the trek easy for the day. You'll follow the same route back for 5 hours when you hiked here when ascending to Upper mustang.

Chuksang is the last overnight stay inside the restricted area of Mustang.

Trek to Jomsom marks the end of the Upper Mustang landscape. You have to report the return at the check-post in Jomsom. It's a long day walk of 7 hours, so we start early to hike. After lunch at Kagbeni, you'll descend to Jomsom.

The world's deepest gorge, Kali Gandaki, is a must-see place in Jomsom. It divides Jomsom into two halves. Muktinath is also a popular religious tour site here in Jomsom.

You'll stay overnight here in Jomsom. To make yourself comfy, you can have a hot shower and drink some hot coffee in the lodge.

Early morning flight from Jomsom to Pokhara is best to catch aerial glimpses of the Annapurna range.

You'll understand the literal value of the Himalayas only when you reach the crowded city. The 12 days in Mustang and now in Pokhara makes you realise how enthralling the 14 days trekking to Lo Manthang was.

You'll reach Pokhara in 20 minutes. After checking in the hotel, you can either stroll around Lakeside or sit in a pub for chilled drinks. Paragliding and ultra flights are the best picks by travellers. Peace Pagoda, Begnas Lake, Tal Barahi temple could be the best spot for a day out. You can also visit spa centers for relaxation.

Leaving Annapurna and Machhapuchhre on the horizon, you'll head to Kathmandu. We will arrange a deluxe coach for your luxury return to Kathmandu.

Upon reaching Kathmandu, you can head out for shopping and outings. Thamel would be the best place for buying souvenirs.

In the evening, we will arrange a farewell dinner program for you. The taste of authentic foods will be exquisite to your buds.

You can either stroll around pubs or head to the hotel for departure preparations.

Day 17 :

If you want to continue your tour or stay a few days more in Nepal, we are always ready to serve you. After complete preparations of baggage and documents, we'll manage an airport drop for you.

We wish you all the best and thank you for choosing us for the 17 days Upper Mustang Trek.

Cost of 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Cost Includes

  • Pick up and drop facilities from Airport-Hotel-Airport (by private car)
  • Domestic flights included in the itinerary including airport transfer and domestic airport tax.
  • Stays in 3 star standard hotels in Pokhara and clean lodge/guest houses during the trek. (as per availability ) All the rooms will be in twin sharing basis.
  • Every meals during the trek.( breakfast, lunch, dinner, including tea and coffees)
  • Seasonable fresh fruit.
  • Experienced, well trained, English speaking guide with all his expenses, insurance, equipment during your travel period.
  • One porter for each two member in a group (with all his expenses, insurance, equipment during your travel period)
  • Entrance fees for sightseeing/monument visits as per itinerary.
  • Actual Adventure Down jacket, sleeping bag, Duffel bags and walking poles (to be returned after trip completion)
  • Actual Adventure T-shirt
  • Medical kit (carried by your trek leader)
  • All necessary paper works (ACAP) entry permits and Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) permit.
  • All government and local taxes.

Cost Excludes

  • Tips for guides, porters and drivers.
  • Nepalese visa fee.
  • Extra night accommodation due to any reason in Kathmandu.
  • Extra luggage charge.
  • Personal expenses not included in the itinerary.
  • Recommended Travel and Medical Insurance
  • All alcoholic drinks
  • Extra charge for the single supplement rooms.
  • Extra fees for the battery charge and hot shower during the trek.

FAQs for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Is Upper Mustang open for visitors?

Yes, Upper Mustang has been open for all kinds of visitors since 1992 AD. Before 1992, it was not open for travellers. Today, still being allowed for visitors, it’s not free entry. The Government of Nepal regulates the entrance of travellers here.

What are the best months for Upper Mustang trekking in Nepal ?

Principally, spring months are the most favoured ones for Lo Manthang trekking. The queen of nature, the Spring makes the outlook elegant, and the sky, mountains, terrains look super cool. You can trek to almost anywhere during the spring months (March-May).

For better close-quarters with Himalaya massifs, autumn months are the best choice for you. The trek during autumn grades to be demanding and freezing due to snowfall.

For lone travellers, monsoon months are best for trekking in Upper Mustang. The trail to Upper Mustang becomes less crowded in monsoon and winter. Rain shadow regions like Manang, Mustang, and Dolpo are suitable for monsoon trekking.

What is the average temperature of Upper Mustang during the day and night?

The temperature of the Upper Mustang varies in different seasons. The summer days are warmer, and winter days are unbearable.

To make the temperature in different seasons easier to understand, here’s an annual average weather and temperature of Upper Mustang.

March, April, May, and June – Day Temperature- 22°C || Night Temperature -20°C

July, August, and September – Day Temperature- 27°C || Night Temperature -3°C

December, January, and February – Day Temperature- 5°C || Night Temperature -22°C

October, November – Day Temperature- 20°C || Night Temperature -4°C

How difficult is it to trek the Upper Mustang in 2022?

Upper Mustang Trek is moderate-grade trekking. The trails are rough but can traverse without much difficulty. You don’t need to have previous trekking experience to complete this trek. You can also change this trekking by opting for a horse ride. Even to most parts of the Upper Mustang, you can travel in off-road jeeps.

Why is the Upper Mustang restricted?

The Upper Mustang is close to Tibet. Decades ago, this land was autonomous. To prevent illegal activities, both Nepal and the Tibetan government restricted this place for years. The open border with Tibet and China is also a prime reason to make Upper mustang a restricted place. Even today, after being a part of Nepal, you can’t access this place without government-issued permits.

What makes the 17 days Upper Mustang Trek special?

Upper Mustang was once a silk trade route between China, Nepal, and India. Lying in a rain shadow area of the Annapurna region, its arid landscapes are utterly beautiful. Also, the kingdom of the Lo dynasty in Lo Manthang is a marvel to witness. On top, the peaks like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Tilicho, and Nilgiri make the sightseeing marvellous.

Why is the Upper Mustang called forbidden Kingdom?

Upper Mustang lies in the northern part of Nepal. It is close to Tibet, and the border to Tibet from here has been open for centuries. This place had independent rulers with Kings and palaces. Still, people here practice Tibetan cultures while this place belongs to Nepal. Upper Mustang was an autonomous place until Nepal annexed it in the 18th century. They had their rulers and rules until they became a part of Nepal.

What is the maximum altitude of Upper Mustang trek?

The Upper Mustang trek reaches the highest altitude of 3,840 metres. Lo Manthang at this altitude is the major attraction of this trek. The trail to Upper Mustang is rugged but not difficult to hike.

What month is best for snowfall in Mustang?

In Nepal, the winter months are December, January, and February. During these months, high-altitude places receive high snowfall every year. In winter, at an altitude over 3,500 metres, the landscape around Mustang greets heavy snowfall. The snowfall makes the landscape attractive. Even in the harsh snowfall, travellers love to trek to Lo Manthang and many parts of the Mustang.

What permits are required for 17 days of the Upper Mustang Trek?

Foreign nationals are not allowed to enter the Annapurna region without any permits. On top, trekking to Upper Mustang is also travelling the government-protected area. Thus, you have to buy two travel permits issued by the Tourism Ministry of Nepal.

First, you need a $20 Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP). This permit lets you tour around Jomsom. But to enter Upper Mustang, you have to buy a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) for $500 from Nepal Government.

For your comfort, we’ll manage the permits for you. You have to pay the permit fee before trekking.

Can I go for solo trekking in the Upper Mustang?

Upper Mustang is a restricted area. For this, you have to buy a special entry permit. Also, you must hire a trekking guide.
For these reasons, you can’t do solo trekking to the Upper Mustang.

Are there any alternatives to Pokhara Jomsom flight?

Yes. If you don’t prefer to take the flight, you can travel to Jomsom by Jeep. It might take a day to reach Jomsom by jeep. While on the flight, you’ll get an aerial view of Annapurna. Machhapuchhre and more.

While the flight is for 20 minutes, we recommend you not opt for the jeep as it takes a whole day.

How safe is the 17 days Upper Mustang to travel?

Undoubtedly, Upper Mustang is one of the safest travel destinations in Nepal regarding tours and treks. Also, our seasoned guides will be there to guide you throughout there.
If you get altitude sickness, with proper medication, your guide will make the situation comfortable for you. In the case of an emergency, if anything happens, you’ll get a helicopter evacuation right away.

Are first aid kits and personal medication available on the trek ? Or should I carry my own?

The guide of your trek always carries medication stuff and first aid kits. Moreover, some standard trek companies also have their health assistants.

It’s always an advantage if you have your first aid kit and some handy medications. Injuries and physical issues decelerate the pace of the trek.

Are the foods and accommodation during the trek in Upper Mustang healthy and hygienic ?

All the guest houses and lodges en route of the Upper Mustang trekking are decent. You’ll not get the three-star luxury, but the lodging and flooding will relieve your fatigue. They offer some standard meals for the traveller that includes protein and carbohydrates.

What is the duration of the Upper Mustang Trek?

You can trek to Upper Mustang for days based on your itinerary. There are 17,15,14 days itinerary that is the best pick for travellers. If you start the trek from Kathmandu, it becomes a 17-day trek. But, if you are already at Jomsom or Pokhara, the trek days shorten to 15 or 14 days.

What gears do I need to carry for the Upper Mustang trek?

The Upper Mustang trek extends for more than two weeks. Thus, you must carry appropriate gear to make the trekking easier. To name a few, you can carry down jackets, trekking shoes, shorts, thermal trousers, etc.

Check the list of full gears you should carry to Upper Mustang Trek.

What is AMS or Altitude Sickness ? Will I get altitude sickness while trekking in the Upper Mustang?

Altitude Mountain Sickness ( AMS), or altitude sickness, is a common problem for people trekking over 3,000 metres high, but it starts appearing after crossing 2,400 metres altitude. The most common symptoms are shortness of breathing, vomiting, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, and dizziness. It is not 100% sure that you’ll get altitude sickness. We will start the trek unhurriedly so that you can adjust to the changing altitude. Even if it happens, first aid treatments will be available there for you.

What is the cost of Upper Mustang Trek in 2022?

The Upper Mustang trek cost depends on your itinerary. If you go for 17 days, you have to pay more. If you choose a 14 days itinerary, the price lowers. Also, the customization and extended itinerary add the cost to the trip. In general, the lowest price for Upper Mustang Trek in 2022 is USD 1800. It includes a luxury bus from/to Kathmandu and Pokhara and a flight to/from Jomsom to Pokhara.

Where can I book the Upper Mustang trek?

The Upper Mustang trek cost depends on your itinerary. If you go for 17 days, you have to pay more. If you choose a 14 days itinerary, the price lowers. Also, the customization and extended itinerary add the cost to the trip. In general, the lowest price for Upper Mustang Trek in 2022 is USD 1800. It includes a luxury bus from/to Kathmandu and Pokhara and a flight to/from Jomsom to Pokhara.

Where can I book the Upper Mustang trek?

You can book your Upper Mustang trek for 2022 with Actual Adventure. We at Actual Adventure provide the best trek service to travellers. Our trek ratings and reviews are proof of how we operate the trek. Also, our experienced guides and porters will be there to guide you throughout the trekking.

For bookings and availability of this tour, you can contact our tour manager Mr. Kedar Neupane. You can call at +977 9851012358 (24 Hours Available) or email or

17 days Upper Mustang Trek Route Map

17 days Upper Mustang Trek info

Best time in a year for Upper Mustang trek in 2022

Upper Mustang Trek is the only trek destination in Nepal that you can travel to throughout the year. This region lies in the rain shadow area, and the chances of rain are negligible. But a couple of winter months here are cold and snowy, and people leave Lo Manthang for these months. April to late November is the best time to trek Upper Mustang for 17 days.

If you are planning for Upper Mustang trekking in 2022, here are some facts that you should know beforehand.

Trek Duration 

Expected least for 17 days

Highest altitude

Lo Manthang, at 3,840 metres.

Start Point / End point


Difficulty level

Moderate grade trek

Trail roughness

Natural trek trail

Best time in a year

April to November

Trek Experience Requirement



Tea House (Lodge)

Weather and Temperature  for 17 days Upper Mustang trek

The weather and temperature in the Upper Mustang change all year round. Knowing temperature and weather before heading to 17 days Upper Mustang trek is crucial.

Autumn months are the best time in the year for the Mustang trek. This time is also a peak season for all the trekkers to the Himalayas. The days get dry and cool, but the sky remains clear for perfect viewing. The sightseeing of Annapurna, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri gives an unmatched viewing experience.

The temperature at Upper Mustang in October and November averages 12°C to 20°C in a day which makes a day hike comfortable. But, the temperature drops to -4°C during the night. It is better to carry some warm jackets and sleeping bags if you want this trek.

Spring is another month in Nepal when the true beauty of Mustang unfolds in front of you. In May, people here celebrate a festival, Tiji, for three days. If you make your Lo Manthang trek during this time, you’ll get a chance to witness the warmth of Tibetan culture. 

In Spring, nature grooms in green. Even the arid landscape of Upper Mustang appears appealing at this time. Also, a daytime temperature of 16°C to 22°C degrees makes the day trek comfortable. This makes the outlook crystal clear which supports the best viewing. The night temperature at Upper Mustang falls in between -6°C to -2°C. 

Summer is the time for rain in Nepal. The monsoon affects the lower parts of Nepal. But, the higher altitudes and rain shadow areas don’t receive a fair amount of rainfall. Thanks to Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains blocking the monsoon clouds, Upper Mustang falls in the rain shadow area. You can trek all day long in summer.

As you start the trek, the rain makes the walk difficult at lower places like Muktinath and Jomsom. The trails often get slippery. But, the landscape after rain looks jaw-dropping. Monsoon is also the best time to witness the lush flora and fauna. The sun shines longer in June and July. The days are much warmer as the temperature rises to 23°C. The night temperature ranges from -3°C to 0°C.

Winter in Upper Mustang are intensely cold as the snowfall affects the livelihood of people here. Many of them even migrate to lower altitudes during December and January. Trekking to the lower Mustang would be comfortable in winter. But, the heavy snowfall and slippery trails make the hike to Upper Mustang very difficult.

Even the daytime temperature falls to freezing point. The night temperature drops to -25°C. Even with the decent jackets, you will not keep up here in winter.

To make the temperature in different seasons easier to understand, here’s an annual average weather and temperature of 17 days Upper Mustang trek.


Average Day Temperature Average Night Temperature
March, April, May, and June 22°C


July, August, and  September



December, January, and



October, November 20°C


Learn more about Weather and Temperature of Upper Mustang trek. 

Permits and Regulations for Upper Mustang Trek

Even in Mustang, the lower and upper parts are different in some aspects. Lo Manthang, also known as the Kingdom of Lo, was once a forbidden part of the Himalayas. Trekkers and travellers started trekking in Upper Mustang only after 1992 with permits.

This place sits on the Tibetan plateau. As a result, people here speak the Tibetan language more than Nepali. The preserved culture and festivals people celebrate here are a thing to admire. You can still get to know the Royal family members of the Lo kingdom. The highly adored man, the last  King Jigme Dorje Palbar Bista, died in 2016.

This rich culture and ancient history make this landscape accessible only after getting ACAP and RAP permits.

Every foreign national other than Nepali has to pay the Upper Mustang trekking permit fee to the Government of Nepal.

Travellers can roam around Jomsom, Muktinath, and Lower Mustang after getting Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) for $20. With ACAP, you can stroll the Annapurna region as long as you want.

But, a Restricted Area Permit (RAP), a permit that costs $500, valid for ten days, is a must to enter Lo Manthang. This permit is valid only for ten days, and further extension charges $50 a day.

In short:

Permit Type

Accessible Area

Permit Fee

Annapurna Conservation Area Project

Lower Mustang and Annapurna regions


Restricted Area Permit

Lo Manthang 

$500 for ten days.
$50 for additional one day

Accommodation in Upper Mustang trek.

Your accommodation in Kathmandu will be at a three-star hotel. The hotel will serve you the luxury meals of your choice. You’ll also get a luxury meal in Pokhara before heading for the 14 days long trekking in Mustang, Nepal.

After leaving Pokhara, your accommodation in the Upper Mustang trek will be on a teahouse for 17 days. Teahouses are available en route to Jomsom, and Upper Mustang is more like a homestay where you can find yourself homely.

In Mustang, Thakali people will greet you with the utmost hospitality. You’ll get a decent room with two beds which are usually unheated. The bedrooms with single beds are somehow comfortable. It includes a mattress, blanket, and pillow. It will be a wise decision if you carry a warm sleeping bag and pillowcase for sound sleep.

You can get hot showers in the Upper Mustang trek, usually heated by gas. The toilets are either sit-down flush or squat ones. Thakali food is best to get the authentic taste of the Mustang. You can also have foods with a blend of Nepali and Tibetan dishes. “Dal Bhat power, 24 hour” is a common analogy for a regular food serving of rice and vegetables. It is the primary energy source throughout the trek. For your taste, you can carry snacks and pickles in a backpack.

You will get a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the Mustang Himalaya trekking

Necessary Trekking Gears for  Upper Mustang trek

While on trekking, you need to have decent shoes, sunglasses, inner wears, gloves etc.

Here are some trekking gears you can bring from your home country and can buy in Nepal at affordable rates. For Mustang region trekking in 2022, you must carry the following gears.

  • Trekking Boots: Waterproof, lightweight, ankle support, and flexible trekking boots.
  • Rucksack with waterproof cover: If you are planning to hire a porter, choose a 70-litre bag and if not, the 30-litre bag will be enough for you.
  • Passport size photos: not less than 8. Passport size photos are necessary during visa, trek permits, and other documentation.
  • Sunglasses: Couples of sunglasses with a neck strap which prevents it from being lost or misplaced.
  • Extra eye lens and glasses: If you’re using lens/glasses, then make sure to pack some extra pieces.
  • Thermal inner wear: Thermal coats and trousers will make you warm and prevent getting cold. It will be better if you carry some pairs of thermal inner wears.
  • Waterproof/Windproof jackets: waterproof and windproof jackets are a must while trekking over 3,000 metres.
  • Down Jacket: Lightweight and a super warm down jacket are not to miss out on a trek. The weather gets chilly during the morning and evening above 3,000-metre lands.
  • Wind pants: Lightweight wind pants are preferred.
  • Windproof gloves: Woollen gloves will be better.
  • Inner-wears: not less than 5
  • Flashlights: A bright LED flashlight.
  • Camera, Mobile phones, and extra battery: Gadgets are the most important things to capture the photographs and also to get in touch with your beloved ones.
  • Water purification tablets: If you worry about drinking pure water, always carry water purification tablets. There are pocket water filters which come handy during travel and treks.
  • Vitamin C supplement: Your body won’t get any source of Vitamin C during a trek and therefore its supplement is necessary.

Here is our Ultimate Guide to Upper Mustang Trek in 2022/2023.

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