Day hiking refers to several hours walk to a destination that can be completed normally within a day. You can also extend it for several days depending on the destinations. Day hiking normally goes on the easier trials of the country side roads.

Day hiking is normally done at an altitude that ranges from 2000m to 4000m. It is suitable for every individual and group of people like family trips, group of friends, educational hike and others. Furthermore, day hiking doesn’t require any earlier preparations. You can easily do it with comfortable hiking shoes and clothes. In addition,it is a great idea to take a short break from busy schedule.It gives short glimpses of the countryside lifestyles and cultures. Similarly, hiking is a great way to explore nature in short span of time.

Day hiking is a popular activity in Nepal. It is popular among the tourist travelling with families and short time travelers. There are so many destinations in Nepal within and outside of Kathmandu valley perfect for day hikes. Hiking benefits to your mental and physical health as well. Also for beginner trekkers hiking can be a great warm up.