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Hiking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is one of the most enjoyable Tourist Activities that there is out here.Trekking in Nepal

Trekking has its own health benefits as well as it can have profound positive effects on the mind, body and soul. So book your seats for the adventure of a lifetime and welcome to Nepal. The place

is considered by many as one of the best places and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

In this blog, we will discuss the various places where the trekking is located in Nepal and where you
can go to experience the beauty of nature

Proceeding on,
Secondly, we have the Everest trek. Everest trek offers people with lots of scenic views of the snow
capped mountain And the famous Everest base camp trek. With a staggering height of 8848 meters

  • The Everest Trek

from the sea level. And to get a glimpse of this monumental structure is a one of a kind experience.

The Everest base camp tour is a carefully crafted trek that will leave all your senses mesmerized.

You will also get to go to the Namche Bazaar which is a legend in itself.

You can book a flight to this place and explore all the beautiful places that lead to this destination.

Places like Lukla,Namche, Pheriche and much more.

The snowy capped mountain with the base camp, is a perfect trek in itself. People from all over the world come here and they witness the beauty of Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

Next, we have Annapurna base camp trek.this is a favorite place to go for all trek enthusiasts.

People in Nepal as well as from abroad come to Annapurna Base camp and embark on a journey

What You can Expect

like no other. People invest their time and energy to come to this serene place full of beauty and grace. From young aged people to the old. They can come here and leave with peace and gratitude

this place has to offer.

While visiting this place, you will go through various places such as ghandruk, Deurali, panda and much more.

A special mention goes to Ghandruk. A place in itself and a most loved tourist destination in Nepal.
The Annapurna range can be witnessed from here.people will be so calm and cool and their souls will be calm as the summer breeze.

You will also get to visit one of the most beautiful places in Nepal.Pokhara. Pokhara has been a popular tourist destination for decades now.

The landscape of Annapurna base camp is unmatched and there is good access to transportation to this place. From flight to walk to by bus.
The trekking will be unlike any other you’ve ever witnessed.

As the name suggests, mustang is a popular tourist destination in Nepal. And upper mustang trekking is no exception. This place is full of beauty and people will fall in love at first sight with this place.

This place is home to monasteries worshiped by the buddhist and the mountain renege from this place is unlike any other.

This place is rich in culture and heritage and can surely mesmerize you and leave you enchanted for days on end.

We can also find caves and find views of various mountains like the Annapurna mountain and the Dhaulagiri mountain from here

This place also has a rich history of rock paintings and cozy and delightful restaurants where you can order your favorite meal.

This will turn out to be a refreshing activity for all the Nepal lovers.trekking in Manaslu region is unlike any other. This trek promises a lot of twist and turn and can leave you with a memory that will last a lifetime.

There is a good provision of transportation and you will come across various places that will leave you speechless.

Himalaya trekking is a loved activity from people of all ages and culture and country. Nepal is a heaven on earth and these places we just talked about above perfectly justifies it.

Nepal being a landlocked country, although we don’t have direct contact with the sea or water bodies but have 8 of the tallest 10 peaks in the world.

And people can embark on the journey listed above from Everest base camp , Annapurna base. Camp and many more.

Everest Trek justifies its name.The highest point in the world, this place simply mesmerizes and enchants the hearts of the people from all over the world.

Some key Features

Being in the route region of the world, it still has its own charm. The place has various specialties such as having the Experience in the most dangerous airport to the spirituality of the people living at this place.

  • You will be able to witness the majestic sun set to the flora and fauna of the Everest national park.
  • The park unique wildlife and habitat and is sure to captivate your senses and leave you awestruck with its unique beauty,
  • People can witness the glorious long range of the Himalayan mountain that resides in Nepal. Besides the beauty here are some key points you need to remember.
  • You will need to acclimatize with the climate and the high altitudes and we will help you and guide you long the way.
  • You can buy a wifi card here to have access to the internet.
    You will be able to witness the various mountains such as Ama Dablam,
  • Lotshe or even Everest among many others.
  • You will be able to take home lots of photos and lots of memories too.
  • Getting guides to guide you is fairly easy and same with porter and entry to Sagarmatha national park.
  • The famous Khumbu region will vitalize your spirits and will be able to explore the traditions and culture of the Sherpa people who they call Khumbhu and this region their home.
  • The lakes, the glaciers and the mountains will leave you in awe and will make you want to come here again and again.
  • You can also. Book a helicopter ride back to the capital city of Kathmandu.
  • Exploring Everest will take you only a few weeks but will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Descriptions of the beauty of this place aside, now let’s talk about how we at Nepal trekking trails will assist and guide you throughout this journey.

  • Here are the key points
    We are here to assist you and guide you in every step of the way. We keep the safety of your clients in mind and focus on what things
  • can be simplified and thus make this journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.
  • We offer the best price from this entire trek and offer you well trained guides who are local to this area and know their part in keeping you safe and engaged.
  • There is provision of porters to carry the extra languages and weight which can hinder the fun of the trekking as bags can get a lot heavy.i mean a lot.

What You Need to Know about Everest Trek

Breakfast , lunch and dinner are provided and people can explore the tea houses and the local cuisine like yak cheese.

Now talking about the difficulty level for the Everest Trek.

  • People who are in shape and are fit and active will face less issues regarding the trek than those who are otherwise.
  • But we need to keep in mind the altitude sickness that can happen as we go further up in the mountains and many can suffer what is called ‘Altitude sickness’.
  • And altitude sickness is a real thing as people getting as high as 4000m can experience this conditions but we will be well
  • prepared for this as we will guide you with all the necessary precautions and knowledge and insights before hand now this doesn’t need to seem an issue as we have well trained people who can help you with this issue called “altitude sickness”
  • From the scenes of the mountains to the kind and generous sherpa people of the Everest region, The Everest Trek will be one of the best experiences you will ever have in your life.
  • You will be able to explore the various places and make this trek a memorable one. People here have generous hearts and the hospitality is amazing.
  • You will also be soaked in the Tibetan traditions that have long been documented all over the world.
  • The rich history of Namche Bazaar and the story of these places will leave you awestruck for a long time.
  • Alongside the traditions and culture of these beautiful people and places the landscapes will leave you at your feet and standing in awe. Sounds beautiful doesn’t it.well, There are more to come.
    The monasteries along the way will leave you soaked into spirituality
  • Now, if you are wondering what and how you will trek these long days and weeks. Well you will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will have to consume lots of carbohydrates and protein.
  • This will give you enough strength and will help you mustard up the courage to bypass these beautiful yet harsh landscapes and climates.
  • You will also be able to stay at a community homestay and can accommodate according to your needs. And we are here to help you Cater your needs.
  • You will also need to stay properly hydrated as the climate can demand that. You can get teas, hot chocolates and things that are easily available to these places such as mono and eggs.

There are various Homestays and hotels in this area and you will feel at home during this trekking journey.

To help assist this journey, you will also be provided with a profession guides will you give you instructions and guidelines

The guides will tell you the proper way to trek and travel. You will be shown restrooms which are usually located along the way.

The food provided to you will also be of international standards and follow the proper standard while being prepared and is suitable for all nationals who come here to Nepal.

The trekking can also be benefited from the hot showers along the way

You can also buy the oxygen at high altitudes but you will be needed to pay extra from your side.

And people can also refund the trip as listed in our own guidelines. There is provision of helicopters for this trek too.

Nepal trekking trail has long been considered one of the best places to book a trek to the Himalayas.

We have been devoted in the service of the people and help them have a safe and comfortable and at the same time memorable journey with us.

We offer various facilities such as hotels, guides , food , porters and many more.

The guides provided by us are well trained and are professionals who have good English speaking capacity and abilities. So communication won’t be a hassle here.

The flight, the bus, the long walk, the strides at high elevation will all be worth it. We at Nepal trekking trials will be always there to help, support and guide you along the way.

The necessary things for this trek like gears, clothing ,the guides and many more will be properly monitored and provided to you by us.

As altitude sickness is a health condition, it too can be prevented as well as treated with great caution.

Many might experience the symptoms of altitude sickness such as experiencing headaches, dizziness and out of breath can all be prevented as well as treated.

Some Information on the Everest Trek

  • The whether can vary as it is not stable here at Everest,
  • You will need a visa and can be provided to you upon your arrival at the international airport in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu,
  • However, you will need to consider proper arrangement of your bags, footwear and the type of clothing you the climate can get harsh at times, you will be fully prepared beforehand while trekking at this place.
  • Everest is a stuff of legends.
    Some people might not know their neighbors name but they sure do know the name of Everest.
  • You will need lots of memory card storage as you will encounter various scenic routes, monasteries as well as stupas, the Tibetan historical monuments, friendly and warm hearted people and not to mention the flora and fauna at the Everest National Park.
  • The wild habitat will keep you engaged and motivate you to complete the trekking journey with ease and joy.
  • And yes insurance and visa are required and we are here to help you with that.

While experiencing the beauty of the flora and fauna and the Everest, you will also visit various beautiful places of Nepal such as Jiri or Gokyo.

  • Annapurna Trek or Annapurna circuit trek

Apart from Everest Trek, we also have Annapurna trek also called Annapurna circuit trek.This trek will lead you to the Temple of Muktinath and also to the popular lake in Nepal called Tilicho.

These places are inhabited by the Magar people as well as Gurung people of Nepal.
Although this place promises a lot of adventure, due to the ease of this trek the traffic of people here might interrupt your quiet many people pass through this trail.

Manaslu Circuit trek

  • The Ghandruk trek

Another popular trek can be the Ghandruk trek. This is a popular tourist destination for people all over the world.

This trek is easy as its difficulty level and the panoramic view of the mountains are sure to leave you off your seats.
Like Annapurna circuit trek, this place will familiarize you with the Gurung people and their traditions.

Like Annapurna trek, this place also has a high density of tourists who flock here to get a glimpse of this magnificent beauty.
Moving on we have Langtang valley trek.this trek too will leave you in awe,

The main attraction of this place seems to be the National park located Here. The national park is called Langtang National Park.
This place is popular for the farms where yaks are raised and bred and people can taste the famous yak cheese.

Moving on we have the Manaslu trek, the landscapes here are unmatched like any other. You will fall in love with this place at first sight.

The main benefit of this trek is unlike Annapurna, Ghandruk trek, this place has less people trekking and you will find some quiet time alone in the landscape.
Apart from these places, let us discuss the main attractions of these places.

You will come across various cultures and traditions of the ethnic people of Nepal such as the Magars and the gurungs.

You will travel alongside a great landscape. The places here are pollution free unlike Kathmandu.
You will be able to witness the majestic views of the Highest point in the world.i.e out Everest and the glorious Annapurna range.described by many as wonderful.

You will benefit by the mental as well as physical wellbeing after this we have documented benefits of the health benefits of trekking.

What can You Expect at Ghandruk Trek

You will come across various glaciers and lakes as you travel deep into this magnificent landscape that is unparalleled and easy and soothing to the mind, body and soul.
Besides the landscape, you can experience wildlife here. Langtang National Park offers you the best of both worlds. Landscape and wildlife.the flora and fauna here are unique in the sense that it is located at high altitudes.

During your trek you will come across various buddhist stupas and monasteries which will awaken your spiritual side and get lost in the charm it has to offer.

Final Thoughts.

Nepal is a place like no other.the unique culture and traditions that are generation old and the snow

capped mountains, meandering rivers and the flora and fauna are sure to capture your imaginations and enchant your hearts.

The places like the Everest base camp, the Annapurna base camp and among others will definitely leave you off your seats.

So if you are looking for a place to feel at home, experience ,magic and explore the unexplored then Nepal is the place of choice for you.

From the mountain to the valleys to the hill and the rivers, this place is a wonderful destination for all the trek lovers from all around the world Trekking in Nepal

Hence , this trek will prove to be one of your best decisions. Come to Nepal and Here the Nepal trekking trail will guide you all along the way from loading to managing your altitude sickness.

We are here for you and we assure that you will leave this Trek with tons of beautiful memories with your loved ones.

From Everest to Annapurna, from the national park to the monasteries.everything will leave you enchanted and you will again want to visit this place and will definitely refer it to your friends and families.

The beautiful places and the wildlife will be a perfect combo for your next vacation here in Nepal. As the view of the sunset will leave you inspired, the flora and fauna will leave you enchanted and the rugged terrain will surely captivate your senses and heal your mind, body and the spirit.

You will leave this journey with beautiful memories and will want to experience this experience again and again for Trekking in Nepal

And here at Nepal trekking trails we welcome you to the Shangrila of the world, i.,e Nepal.
A Place that has the highest points in the world, to the lakes that are situated at the highest point in the world, to the wildlife and culture and traditions that is rare to find anywhere else for Trekking in Nepal

Last but not the least, if you are looking for a holiday in Nepal, why not join Nepal trekking trail where we guide you as a friend through all the preparations like visa, transportation, lodging, gears, guides, porter., For More information You can Click

Contact Us at 

So be sure to check our website for more information on how to reach us and leave the rest to us.
You will not just travel but experience the beauty of traveling. As you and your friends and families will surely be awestruck by the generous people, the majestic mountains ,the rare species of animals , the glaciers and the lakes and the monasteries.

Atlas, thank you for your time you invested in going through this blog.if you have. Nay ideas and suggestions then do feel free to

reach out and together make this journey a memorable one for your friends, families and your loved ones for Trekking in Nepal. Reach Out to us at

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