Information about Trekking in Nepal

Information about Trekking in Nepal

Are you searching Information about Trekking in Nepal? If you are then here is some of the trekking information for you before you plan to visit Nepal.

General Information: The best season to visit Nepal is after the monsoons that end in August, and before the winter sets in. The months between September and December are the most preferred ones by the visitors. The rains wash the dusty tracks and the valley looks magnificent with blooming flowers. Post -Monsoon Nepal welcomes you with flower-laden plains and brimming rivers. It is humid in plains at that time but it is still better than the scorching heat of the summers.

Preparations of Equipments: First all trekking equipments  like trekking poles, hats, gloves, socks, down jackets, sleeping bags, map etc are found in Kathmandu. You don’t need to bring from there. There is good quality North Face, Mountain Hardwear and Marmot clothing showroom in Thamel, Kathmandu. There is even a Mountain Hardware and North Face authentic store that offers great deals. Everything you could possibly want in trek to Everest Base Camp is available in Nepal.

 Maps: Maps of all trekking route are available from booksellers in Kathmandu. Most of the clients buy, trek & city maps on arrival in Kathmandu. Pilgrims Book Shop, Mandala Book stores are some of the recognized book stores in Thamel, Kathmandu.

Flights to Remote Areas: Give yourself a few days after the trek before you have to fly home. Flights may delay or cancelations for some days near the end of your trek due to bad weather. So you should be prepared to make another plan. We would like to recommend you to book early flight in the morning as delays and cancellation during day time occurs more.

Medical Matters and Advice: Due to high altitude you may cause Altitude sickness, it can affect any person even though the person very healthy so look for indicators of altitude sickness which include, insomnia headaches, dizziness, hunger and shortness of breath. And also due to low temperature people may become sick, so always wear warm clothes. You should be always aware of height and low temperature. So you should always aware of your health add you can buy some medicine before you go in trekking.

Rescue and Evacuation Service: Especially while traveling in the Himalayas you might face lots of difficulties.  You needs to be prepared for your upcoming destination is this mountainous land. You may suffer from various health problems, injuries and even altitude sickness and need a prompt medical attention. Hope you will return back safe, but also in case you face some problems in Himalayas then wewill arrange rescue and evacuation service anywhere in the Himalayas for our clients.

Respect the local culture: Respecting the local cultures and traditions makes local peoples happy. For example while entering inside monastery taking off your hats and shoes off. Shaking hand with right hand, left hand is considered polluted by Nepalese, Sherpa and Tibetans alike. Trekkers must be ecologically and culturally responsible. Basic phrases like ‘namaste’ which is “hello”  and ‘dhanyabad’  which means ”thank you” are commonly exchanged between the locals and trekkers alike. It doesn’t hurt to learn the local language either u may enjoy in local languages also.

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