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Manaslu Tum Valley Trek – 19 Days

Michel Jones


I did the Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek- 19 Days with Nepal Trekking Trial. It was a great pleasure for us doing the trek with such a wonderful company. Spending 21 days in an unknown country would have been very difficult if we didn’t choose Nepal Trekking Trial for the trek. Their hospitality, overwhelming and friendly behavior made us feel like home. Kedar had already managed all the paper works by our arrival. It was a warm and pleasant welcome in Kathmandu by the team. We stayed in Alpine hotel and there Kedar introduced to our guides and described the itinerary. The guides Phurba and Lakpa were so kind and knowledgeable. Just in a few hours of knowing they had won all of our heart and we could easily trust them.

They were also best for management purpose as well the accommodation they managed and places we stayed for lunch were clean and healthy for mental as well as physical both. There were numbers of ascents and descents along the way which made the trials a bit difficult but thanks to the guides for their patience and support, without them we will not have completed our trek.  They just made the whole experience super fantastic!

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