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Langtang Trek

Langtang Trek

Trekking in Nepal has been done for a long time now. People from all over the world come here to experience this wonderful sport.Today we will cover up the best treks in Nepal including Langtang Trek. And talk about the Nepal trekking tour.Before we Begin,Nepal trekking trail is one of the best trekking companies in Nepal.

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Moving on, trekking in Nepal Himalaya is a popular activity of the western world as well as the native people of Nepal.People come here to witness the magic of trekking in Nepal Himalaya.

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The Nepal trekking tour will be one of the best investments in terms of budget and experience to you.Now, let us talk about one of the best treks in Nepal.The trek I am talking about is the Langtang Trek.Below we will discuss Why Langtang trek is considered as one of the best treks in Nepal and you should consider taking this trek for you and your lord.

The trek here at Langtang will last for a week or so. It has a high altitude of more than 4500 meters above sea level.Here you will get a glimpse of the majestic mountains.besides the nature you will also find the local people who have a rich history, the traditions and culture of these local inhabitants are second to none.The buddhist people also reside here and their lifestyle will surely captivate your mind, body and soul.

While you make through this trek, you will come across the Langtang National Park where you will be able to witness the rich flora and fauna. The wildlife here is supreme and will captivate your senses.

You will also come across the tea houses and lots of forest in betweenYou will get a buddhist vibe along this journey as you can get a glimpse of buddhist monasteries and stupas.However the diculty level of this trek can be tough, harsh and you will elevate at high altitudes and may develop altitude sickness.

If you like cheese, then we have good news for you. Along this trail you will be able to visit a lot of cheese factories. The main type of cheese here is the Famous traditional yak cheese..
You will be able to view the Ganesh Mountain among many other mountains along this journey.There are good accommodation facilities here with kind and warm hearted people to serve your every need.
One quick fact: Majority of the people here who reside here are the Tamangs. These people have a long rich history full of wonderful tales and stories.

The one thing besides the mountain that captures our attention is the famous and holy Gosainkunda lake situated here.This lake is considered sacred and people from all over Nepal come here.Your family can come here for holidays and witness the panoramic views of the mountain, the Gosainkunda lake, Tamangs, the buddhist shrines, the wildlife and many more.

If you love wildlife then you will definitely love the Langtang National Park as it has lots of wild animals like the snow leopard and the red panda among many others.The national flower of Nepal ice rhododendron will be seen here. These are really beautiful flowers that hold a national significance to the people of Nepal.Many people report to see these wild animals with their eyes and you will too.There are more than 2500 Tamangs who call this place their home and you will see the rich culture and tradition of. These places once you arrive here.

Pine trees and oak trees are just a few examples of the diverse nature of this place.
The Langtang river also passes through these trails as you can see the lunch river flowing.

Then you will be able to also visit the Langtang village inhabited by the locals with a rich traditional and cultural background. The transportation available to this place is buses and private jeeps.

The trek consists of breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. You will also get the permits to the national park. i.e Langtang National Park.The first aid box is recommended and needed.If you need medical assistance then having a guide doesn’t hurt.Beside to come with sunglasses, sunscreen and plenty of foods and beverages.

At hand.Keeping yourself hydrated is a necessity and really important if you consider trekking this place.The internet and the electricity will cost you a few dollars more and as in today’s technological world these are an important part of our lives.

During your trek, you will come across various Gompa such as the Kyankin Gompa and you will fall in love with the place.You will also have the option to camp. Camping can be very enjoyable and relaxing to soothe your mind, body and soul.

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The elevation can get really high as much as 4500 meters above the sea level and from here you will get to witness the majestic view of the mountain ranges.The snow mountain will surely captivate your mind and leave you in awe.As the natural adventure promises you with thrill and excitement and if you love adventure then Langtang trek is for you.

Langtang is catching attention for its uniqueness. The People who are called The Tamang have a rich history of their traditions and culture.This place will surely captivate your imagination You will have the option to stay at hotels in these areas and ride along the rivers as you make way through this journey.The green forest and nature will calm your nerves and make you in awe.There are many monasteries where the Buddhist people oer their prayers to their lord.The route from here will be unlike any other.

What you will Need?

To Be a part of this wonderful journey, you will need the TIMS Card and also the permit to the Langtang National Park.
How to get here?
To come to this place you will need to take a bus ride from Kathmandu and you will reach the place called Syabrubesi.You will come to these places like Mundu and Kyankin Gompa.

There are various tea houses here where you can take a rest.What are the Things I can see here?You will move along the forest which is full of pine trees and the. National flower of Nepal, the rhododendron, will be visible to you.You will also have a majestic view of the mountains from here.Buddhist monasteries will surely captivate your senses and last but not the least, you will be enchanted by the hospitality and kindness of the People who reside here.

So am I qualified to Do this Trek? There are various things to consider before you make a decision to go for this trek.You need to be physically fit to do this trek.

And if you have any underlying medical conditions then you should consult your doctor before you take this route.Langtang trek can be difficult for new beginners and should always follow the commands and instructions of the guide.You will get access to the internet and electricity but will cost you some extra dollars from your own pocket.

If by any means you show signs of altitude sickness then you can inform your guide. And always take the first aid kit with you as you might need them in some point of the trek

The Tibetan are the People from where you can get knowledge about their rich history and culture and tradition. The local delicacies will keep your tongue satisfied.

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Final Thoughts

Therefore , Langtang trek is one of its kind. The people, the wildlife, the rich history of the places, the Rivers, the forest full of pines, the flora and fauna like the rhododendron plant will surely make you come back here for more.There are various hotels where you will be able to stay and there is access to the internet and electricity here too.The Langtang National Park here is full of wild animals like the Snow Leopard and the Red Panda.

The trek can elevate more than 3500 meters above the sea level.The guides you guide you through this entire journey and make you feel at home and not miss home.The kind and warm hearted people will surely melt your hearts.You will also be able to dive deep into the rich culture and traditions of the inhabitants of this place.So if you are looking for a perfect holiday trek, then do come and visit the Langtang.

You will leave from here with wonderful memories and plenty of photo graphs.To make things more exciting you will witness the majestic mountains from here.Hence, Langtang Trek is full of exciting adventures that promise you a lot of thrill and excitement. So do come here and visit this place with your loved ones and you will love every second you stay and explore here.

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