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Everest Base Camp Trek in July

July is not the perfect season for trekking to Everest Region in Nepal. During July Monsoon completely enters in Nepal and the frequent fall of the monsoon rains can create obstacles on your trials.

Although July is not the season for trekking in Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trek can still be done with proper trekking gears. Usually in Nepal the monsoon rainfall doesn’t occur for whole day and very less during mornings and more during afternoon and midnights.

The rainfall at higher elevations is less often than lower elevations. As you gain altitude you will receive less rainfall which makes your trials easier.

The average temperature of the Everest region is about 15°c during day time and can decrease up to 2°c during night. Because of the rainfall the trials becomes more challenging and tough thus, you need to be very careful while walking.

If you are thinking to trek in July make sure you have proper gears required for the trek. You need to be extra careful while packing your cloth and trekking equipment. This season offers the best view of the mountains and landscapes with lush green vegetations.  

Everest Base Camp Trek in July can be challenging and it is great for adventure seekers and passionate trekkers.

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