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Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal

Hiking.To Know Hiking in Nepal, Stay Tuned.

What is Hiking?

So What is Hiking.Lets answer this together
Hiking can be said as a recreational activity which involves going on a long walk across various places.
This is a popular tourist activity here in Nepal as well as across the world.and Nepal is no exception.Hiking can take a few days to complete and the trip has long ways as well as long climbs.

Hiking can also be taken as a hobby, exercise or a recreational activity.
In this blog, we will talk about the hiking places in Kathmandu and the benefits of hiking
There are lots of facts about the health benefits of Hiking. We will be discussing them in this Blog.and clear out any misconception.

Hiking places in Kathmandu best hiking place in Kathmandu.
You will also be able to know the tourist places places to go in Kathmandu While taking you can encounter various forest floras and you can get mixed in awe with the local people’s traditions and culture.

You will be able to taste the local delicacies and the foods that are made by the locals of that particular place.
You will also be able to get know the ethnic Newars of the place and you will also have a option for camps late in the night

So if you are looking for a holiday in Nepal then you can opt for a hike in the local places where you can experience its beauty.

Nepal trip package

  • Some places in Nepal to hike

I too have been a part of a height. The Sundarijal hike to be precise.

I have had the chance to come close to nature while hiking through Sundarijal. You will also bypass the Shivapuri national park while hiking through this trail. Shivapuri national park is a national park located in Kathmandu which oers you to witness the majestic wildlife in Nepal and the flora fauna and the Bird life with few waterfalls along the trail.

There are various places to go hiking in Kathmandu.

Moving on, you will also be lucky enough to glance at the mountain ranges from this place.
There are various rivers along the way if you decide to hike in Nepal.places are full of water bodies like waterfalls.

Besides nature, you will be able to view the legendary buddhist stupas and monasteries and shrines.

People also get to visit the caves along the way.

The Places to go for hiking in Kathmandu will be discussed in this Blog.

Here are some hiking tips for you.

There are various things to consider while planning a hike. Here are some that might be of good use for you if you are looking to go on a hike in Nepal. Below are listed some of the hiking tips that you should consider.

The required permits should be kept close at hand,
Going on a group can be considered good. If you get lost or having a hard time locating your location then having a group might do wonders for you.

Everest Base Camp

A map of the place is advised to carry as you can navigate through the places. There are fake guides in the name of hiking. So opt for a trained professional who can guide you throughout this be wise to choose a hiking hiking guide can make or make your keep in mind about the hiking guide. You might come across various insects and leeches.

So be prepared to tackle this beforehand.

Besides, come with a good camera in hand, as this hike might prove to be one of your best experiences in Nepal.
You will also get a spectacular view of the landscapes while you hike through the terrain.

Hiking can also be a hobby. I have many friends who take this route to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well being.

This can have a profound benefit to the overall well being of that particular person.
There are various places around the world like in Asia, the United States and not to mention in Nepal.

However there are restrictions to hiking

Some of them are as follows.

If you cannot navigate your route you can get lost in the harsh proper attention must be kept with choosing a guide who is trained professionally.

Second, if you have some medical condition then you might need to rethink. People can also experience the infamous “altitude sickness” if they decide to take a route that is high in altitude.

If you decide to take the snowy route then you might come across avalanches.

In snowy places, the body temperature might drop that can lead to a medical condition called hypothermia.then if not treated this can lead to fatalities. Moving on

  • What you must bring with you while Hiking in Nepal

There are various things you should consider if you are planning for a are a list of some of them.
Camping materials, hike boots, extra clothes, water and food.

You might get injured so do bring the first aid kit with you and this should be there with you all along

You will need a fuel be sure to bring some with you.
You might get dehydrated so bring plenty of liquid such as water.

A tent can be brought if you decide to camp late night
As some of the places can get hot, you might be sun be sure to bring some sunscreen.

And there will be insects and leeches along 4th bring some insects repellent spray or lotion along with you,
Trekking can get wild but yet can get friendly if you have the right tools and follow the guidelines properly.

You will be able to hike along the rivers, waterfalls, stupas, terrain, mountains, hills.
Besides nature, you will be welcomed by the hospitality of the locals and you will feel at home.

You Will be able to witness the local traditions and culture of these warm hearted people and you will never miss home as you are here.

  • Medical benefits of hiking

Hiking has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, the mood can improve , people can shed some extra pounds and the overall mental, physical, Emotional health will improve. Now let’s discuss the benefits of hiking.

So it helps in keeping people healthy and happy.

As you will be close to nature, you will find some inner peace and the spiritual side of you will blossom and you will want to come here again and again.

Nepal is home to various hiking places that are unmatched by the western world. So make sure to come here and witness and experience the journey of a lifetime.

Even though there are crowded places in the capital Kathmandu, it is a perfect place to go hiking as it is surrounded by various places which are suitable for hiking such as Nagarkot and Shivapuri.
Therefore, these are the benefits of hiking.

  • What to expect while Hiking in Nepal

People will go through long distance for long hours at high altitudes for a hiking Spectators of this trip can get a glimpse of the mountain ranges along with the local traditions and culture.

People can also view the sunrise very early in the morning.
Typically places here have high elevation usually above 2000, above the sea level. People can expect to see the lifestyle, gorgeous forests and mountain ranges. Moving on,

Some Places you might want to Consider

There are some places like the Shivapuri where you will come in contact with the wilderness and wildlife habitat in the Shivapuri national park
This place offers you to visit a temple called Budhanilkantha devoted to the Hindu Mythology god Lord Bishnu.

From here you will be able to get the spectacular view of the capital city.
It too it’s above 2000m will also get to see the Gumba.
There are various places such as Kakani. This place is widely considered to be the perfect place for a picnic and some good times with your loved ones.
This place has spectacular terrain where you can do some cycling along with hiking.

There are various monasteries located at this place.
You will also get glimpse of the mountain such as the Annapurna and Langtang for here
Kakani is also famous for fish species called trout.

You will be also to come close to the national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron Moving on,
We have the hiking where you will witness the mountains and get to ride the cable car service.yes, I am talking about the Chandragiri hills which are located in the outskirts of the Kathmandu valley. From here you will be able to get a glimpse of Everest and various temples sacred to the Hindus.

The cable car service surely provides you with an adrenaline rush.

Next we have in our list is the Chisapani hiking, This is typically a short hike on other routes.

This place is reached by crossing the Shivapuri national park.
There you will encounter waterfalls. Also you will be able to view the monumental mountains such as the Ganesh mountain.
You will encounter various local places inhabited by the Newari locals.

Famous thing you might Encounter

If you want to Find articles like this you can follow this link

Moving along, you will be able to visit another famous picnic spot in Nepal. I.e Godawari.
It has its own botanical garner where you will find rare species of flora.

Hiking in Nepal is not just limited to people and culture but can also show the beauty of the Nature and landscapes.
And not to mention you will be lucky enough to witness the spectacular view of the capital city of Nepal.

Similarly you will be able to see the national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron and get views of the Annapurna mountain.
During this hike, you can view the stamps of the Buddhist people and some spectacular views of the neighboring places.

Things to consider having with you while hiking

So now let’s talk about the necessary equipment and things that you must carry during your hike are discussed below.
As the weather might get challenging, you should have a raincoat with you as it might rain heavily,

Besides the rain, there can be hot weather and you must have sunglasses to protect your eyes from the light and UV rays.
Next, on our list is the water, keep yourself properly hydrated as you will sweat a lot during the hike

The places we talked about above has its own specialty

Some routes have wildlife, some have mountain views while others have waterfalls. You will also have the benefits of hotels in the routes. These places have a quiet environment and healthy foods and won’t miss home a bit.
Here you will be able to know the rich history of the locals. A conversation with a cup of hot coee seems like a wonderful experience. Well, you can experience it. During your trip there will be lots of suspension bridges where you can will be an experience of a lifetime.

People also do farming at these you will be able to witness the irrigation system.
The places are of historical importance. There are lots of legends regarding these places. The locals will tell you the enchanting stories behind these places.

If you want you can camp at night too. There are various camping places around here.
While some hikes are to nature, there are various hikes which have religious importance. You will get to know the religious background of these places too. You can even get engaged in the bird watching activity while you hike. The birds here are of rare species and you will be left in awe of how beautiful these species are.

Final thoughts

Hence, Nepal and Kathmandu have a rich historical and religious importance and background.
Places near Kathmandu have lots of beautiful things to offer. From the rich wildlife near the city areas to the spectacular view of the mountain ranges from hill top. People here have a rich cultural background and you will be thrilled to listen to the rich history of these places. so if you are looking for Hiking in Nepal, then contact us.

While you hike you will be able to come across waterfalls, birdlife ,wildlife, monasteries, local people, Mountain View, farming, rough terrain, rich history of these places and many more.
Therefore, if you are looking to come to Nepal and witness something spectacular then consider going for a hike with your loved ones.
Hiking can be done with your family and friends. And the memories during these trips can last a lifetime.

Well there are some final tips while you hike.
As hiking can take hours on end, consider having some companions with you as you fight, get lost and find it lonely.
Be sure to choose a suitable hiking route that suits you the best.
As there are various things to consider such as your current fitness status, the elevations that it can have, the Total distance you have to travel, the current weather forecast

To know more on Hiking in Nepal, you can visit this

Be sure to have a proper and strong footer as you will be using your feet all along the way and you need to be comfortable in it.

Beside buying a good backpack that can accommodate various necessary items such as a first aid kit.

Be sure to bring plenty of food and water as you might lack energy, get tired or become dehydrated quickly.
On a last note, good luck with your hike here in Nepal. Life is short and unpredictable so make every moment count and life life to the fullest. Thanks and Good Luck for your next hike Here in Nepal. so if you want to do some Hiking in Nepal, then contact us.

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